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mc donalds try at theme parks,i worked for admission when i was 13 =) try local businesses, just ask, don't wait for an ad or a sign in the window. From washing dishes, to waitrees for mainly tips to helping out at day cares etc.


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Some job placement agencies that are available in Kansas include the Kansas Works website and the State Employment Center at the Kansas Government website. Once on the page, you can find employees or find a job in your area.

You can find a job in Kansas by walking around stores and looking for Help Wanted signs. Then enter the store, pick up an application, fill it out, and hope you get the job!

Kansas has an extremely bad job market because it was hit very bad by they economic downturn. There aren't vey big job opportunity for careers. I would recommend finding a job elsewhere if possible.

You can't legally get a job in Kansas at the age of 14. You can work at Dillon's when you're 15. At least you could 10 years ago.

It depends on where you are; call your daughter's high school and ask for their advice.

The meat packing industry and agriculture related jobs are plentiful in Kansas. Another big job provider in Kansas are industrial jobs.

Walt Disney's first job was a newspaper delivery boy in Kansas City, Missouri.

The motto of Kansas City Fire Department is 'One Team - One Job - One Mission'.

Go to Kansas! There are plenty of farmers there!

A job network is a place where many people who are looking for a job or an employee can go to find a specific person to fill that for them. Examples of this are or Kansas Works. Here you can submit your resume if you are seeking employment and employers in the immediate area can find potential employees that are close by.

Interesting question. I think it depends on how far the job moved. Like, if you have a job in Kansas City Kansas and it moves to Kansas City Missouri - being adjoining cities - probably not because you could still drive to work. I'm sure if your job was moved farther away, your employer would terminate your employment and you could draw unemployment. Phone your local unemployment office and ask.

No, he did not. He reached the national championship game with Kansas. However, he lost to Syracuse and Carmelo Anthony in 2003. After the season was over he quit the Kansas job to go to UNC.

Get a job and pay for cable bum

Websites such as Career Builder and Monster list job listings all over the country, including the state of Kansas. Other sites such as official Kansas website and Kansas Works are also great places to look for jobs in the state.

You could look for a position within the Kansas City Chiefs association. You may also try looking on these websites-,

Walt Disney was a newspaper boy on his father's route in Kansas City, MO.

sometimes. you could get a job at dillons or the snow cone shop. yeah. It's depends on if they (whoever you apply for) want to hire you or not

People in Kansas moved to northern states in hope to get away from the dust. They also wanted to have a better living after their crops were destroyed by the dust. People in Kansas realized that they made little money farming and tried to get a better job.

YES, you qualify in Kansas if quitting due to husband's moving, according to Kansas law 77-706, Article 7 (Employment Security Law), Section (a)(4) in the below Related Link.

Unemployment is available to many people who have lost a job and cannot find a job. In Kansas a person has to work for one year before they can collect unemployment.

Kansas was not named after John Kansas.

I noticed someone answered Douglas County. Douglas County Kansas is where Lawrence Kansas is. Kansas City Kansas is in Wyandotte County Kansas.

Superman was really from the planet Krypton- but it exploded and he was sent to Earth where he was raised in Smallville, Kansas. And then he got a job at the daily planet.

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