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An Accutron watch can be bought at shops that sell Bulova watches, for example, Macy's and Sears. It can also be bought online at sites like eBay, iiNet, watchco, etc.

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2013-07-10 18:20:54
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Q: Where can a Accutron watch be bought?
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What is the most accurate type of accutron?

Bulova has been making Accutron watches since the 1960's. Bulova claims their lasted line of watches to be the most accurate with their new External Fine Adjustment System (EFAS) Technology. Although an accutron watch is highly accurate, it is not 100% accurate. With the new EFAS technology, watch owners can adjust their watches to 99.99% accuracy.

How much gold in14k gold bulova accutron watch?

Depends on the weight of the watch and weahter it's solid gold or rolled/filled gold.

What kind of warranty do Bulova Accutron watches have?

Bulova Accutron watches are a higher end designer watch that a person could buy. The company and designer offer a few different warranties including 5 and 25 year ones.

When was Bulova's Accutron watches first sold?

Bulova's Accutron watches were first sold in October 1960. Bulova's Accutron watches were a big hit around the world and are available at local retailers around the world.

Is a Bulova accutron a good quality watch?

Yes, Bulova Accutron watches are fantastic watches! They are very modern as well as attractive and the quality is top notch for the price. To be frank though, I have been rather disappointed with new Accutrons because they lack the tuning fork, which during the 60's and 70's made the watches so iconic. I would suggest to you that instead of purchasing a new accutron, you instead take a look at a vintage Accutron Spaceview or Astronaut. The spaceview has an open movement, which makes it so much more exciting as a watch. The price for a pristine, freshly serviced watch should cost no more than most new Accutrons and the value of the vintage watches only go up!

What changed the wrist watch in the 60's?

Bulova invented the Accutron tuning fork watch movement. Noo winding, no ticking and unsurpassed accuracy, untill the Japanese invented the quartz movement.

Where could a person buy Accutron watches?

Accutron watches can be found at specialized sites on the web that are typically devoted to e-commerce. The best examples of this are eBay, Amazon, and in some cases, Overstock.

Where can you find a diagram of Bulova Accutron 2242 movement?

Perhaps the Related Link will help.

Where can one purchase a mens Croton watch from?

A mens Croton watch can be bought online from Amazon or from eBay. It can also be bought in person from stores such as Sears or jewelry stores that have extensive watch collections.

How much gold is in a old bulova accutron filled case?

Gold filled cases are not worth much, they are plated and to difficult to separate gold from other metals. I have an 18kt solid gold accutron and the case and back stripped of all other parts is 19.2 grams

Are bulova watches sport watches or dress watches?

Depends on what type of case and what type of dial. A Bulova Accutron was the most accurate watch available in it time (1960-1975). It was the gift of state when Lyndon Johnson was President. Some cases are stainless steel, some are 14K solid gold; some are 18K solid gold. I've even heard of ones made of solid white gold as well as ones made from platinum. Other less expensive ones are 14K gold filled (just gold plated), but use the same internal movements, dials, watch hands and other parts. There are several different variations to the type of watch lugs and case styles. The Accutron Pulsation model was a doctor's watch. It was used in the Model 214 and 218 models. The only real difference that and any other Accutron was the material the watch was made from and the type of dial. There are many people who who endeavor to pass off an Accutron Pulsation model (doctor's watch) with or without realizing it is a counterfeit model. Best bet is to have a qualified jeweler appraise it for authenticity if its a "Pulsation" model. Gold scratches easily so I would say any watch that is real gold shouldn't be worn playing sports and shouldn't be worn while working on one's car or truck. I've seen a couple of web pages devoted to identifying a genuine "Pulsation" model from a counterfeit. However, I don't have a quick reference to them at this time; just "google it"

How do you work a breo watch?

Whe you bought the watch you should also have the users manual for that watch. If you do not have that manual then contact

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