Where can a Jew and a non-Jew get married in Israel?


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No. In fact, as there is no such thing as a secular marriage in Israel, there can't be any intermarriage between any religious group. People who wish to marry someone of a different religion will get married outside of Israel, the marriage will be recognized once they return to Israel.

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Answer 1Israel has respect for non-Jews. I don't see why the United Jewish Appeal wouldn't help you, since it's a non-sectarian organization.Answer 2Actually, you can move to Israel as a temporary resident, but it is not possible to become an Israeli citizen unless:you are Jewishyou are a non-Jew who is married to a Jewyou are the non-Jewish minor child of a Jew.Answer 3Answer 2 is actually incorrect about Israeli naturalization law. Non-Jews can become citizens of Israel at the discretion of the Ministry of the Interior provided that they do the following:they must have resided in Israel for three years out of the five years preceding the day of submission of the application.they are entitled to reside in Israel permanently and have settled or intend to settle in Israel;they have renounced their prior nationality, or have proved that they will cease to be foreign nationals upon becoming Israeli citizens.

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