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The Fiat Punto Sporting is a vehicle that is no longer made, so to purchase one it would have to be a used vehicle. In order to find this type of vehicle, one might check a local Fiat dealership, or perhaps Autotrader. The Fiat Punto Sporting may also possibly be found on Ebay depending on the availability in the listings at the time you are looking to purchase.

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Q: Where can a consumer buy a Fiat Punto Sporting?
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How do you replace passenger side wing mirror on fiat punto 2000?

Buy a new punto! :)

Where can one purchase used Fiat Punto cars?

The best place to purchase Fiat Punto cars would be at a Fiat dealership. However, one can most likely find used Fiat Punto cars on line or in the local buy/sell listings in newspapers.

How much does it cost to fix a clutch on a fiat punto?

around 200 pound in a garage or you can buy clutch kit your self for around 60 pound!!

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Available at you friendly fiat dealer..

Where can one buy Fiat Panda cars online?

You can buy Fiat Panda online from Fiatcanada. You can also find used Fiat Panda from Autotrader. Fiat Panda looks like a city car but packs with cross country skill.

Is a fiat punto a good make of car?

Only with a Ferrari V12HiUpdated information,The Fiat Punto never really had the class of the Volkswagen Polo or driving fun of the Ford Fiesta, but the Punto aims to address that. It succeeds to an extent, with an interior inspired by the bigger Fiat Bravo hatchback and cabin quality that almost matches the Polo. It's reasonably priced too, and the two 1.3 Multi Jet diesel engines return near-80mpg economy and are very quiet. Inside, there's enough space for four adults.And if fuel economy you are looking for buy the Punto, and wait for the compressed air car. To view this new range of economic cars google MDI compressed air cars.

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No, Fiat is majority owner of Chrysler.No, Fiat is majority owner of Chrysler.

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i had the problem with mine my problem was that the key is faulty i only had the blue key so i had to buy a new ecu and lock set and changed the whole lot roughly £100

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If you buy a Fiat, you don't way to visit the concesination hay que joderse.

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