Founded in 1899, Fiat is an Italian automobile manufacturer, engine manufacturer, industrial and financial group based in Turin. The company has also produced railroad vehicles, aircraft and tanks. It is the ninth biggest carmaker in Italy and in the world as of 2009.

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Who make fiat?



What is God's fiat?

The world, creation, fiat means to command something to be done and have it doen without effort or even material. "In the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.....""...... He commanded, let there be light, and there was light, and he saw that it was good." and so on. does that help?


How do you change the time of Fiat scudo?

my scudo is 1998 just press button and keep it pressed

EGR Systems

Where is the EGR valve on fiat scudo 2.0 jtd?

Remove the interior filter including housing

Remove the heat shield from the engine (Do not pull at a corner!)

You see the plastic inled manifold in front of you, you see a little sensor at the smallest point of the inled manifold.

Next to it you see a metal pipe. Follow this to the back of the engine en you will see (or should I see Feel?) the EGR valve.

Takes us at the dealer about 3 hours to replace. Good luck

Auto Parts and Repairs

How do you remove wing mirror from a Fiat stilo?

There are no wing mirrors ..they are on the doors..and you will have to strip out the door card/s to get at the fixing bolts..for all your stilo queries go to.. fiat stilo owners

Fiat Punto

Where is the diagnostic socket on a fiat stilo 2002?

Behind the Fuse box below right of the steering column, top or the fuse box, black connector


What is the gearbox oil capacity of a fiat ducato 2.8 itdt?

Grade 75W/80 synthetic Quantity 2.75 Ltr 4X4 2.0Ltr

Timing Belts and Chains
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Where can you find a step by step guide to change a 2000 Fiat Palio Weekend 1.6 EL timing belt?

Try or other similar sites.Fiat Bravo/Brava had same 1581 cc engine pre 1988.Fiat Bravo/Brava workshop manuals are available on eBay for about�6.

Starters and Ignition Systems
Suzuki Alto
Fiat Punto

Where is the starter motor located on a 1996 Fiat Punto S 1100cc?

the lower part of the engine, the piece is a lighter silver different to the other colours of the engine it is shaped with a piggy back and is connected via 3 screws. 2 using bolts one goes through the main body of the engine. paul

Italian Language and Culture

What does the baby say in the most recent Fiat commercial?

Che cosa guardi?=what are you lookin at?

Not really an improvement - just think it would have been more humorous if the baby said "arrevederci", as in, "see ya..."

Sounds more like Vivere grandi! (Live large!)

Dashboard Lights and Gauges
Check Engine Light

Where can you find an explanation of the dashboard warning lights on your 98 fiat scudo van?

In handbook. If you can describe the light and post it on here i might be able to shine some light on it for you. Hope this helps

Headlights Tail and Brake Lights
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How do you change the instrument lights in a Peugeot 806 Fiat Ulysses Citroen Evasion?

Take out the entire instrument by removing three screws: two are above the instrument and the third is hidden below next to the streering column. With the instrument out you can access the lights easily.

Car Fuses and Wiring
Fuel and Fuel Intake
Fuel Pumps

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1979 Fiat Spider?

there is no relay its a mecanical pump

Some late model 1979 do have fuel injection thus requiring a relay. If you have fuel injection relay is the longer looking relay set under the dash on the passenger side. it should be in the same location as the seat belt relay, wiper intermittent switch and horn relay.

Chevy Blazer
Heater Cores and Blower Fans
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Is there a way to change a broken heater in a 1997 Fiat Punto 75 SX without dismantling the entire dashboard?

Sorry, no it is not possible. Are you sure that it is the heater? Airlocks in the radiator can cause same issues. Common fault. Cylinder head Gasket gone? Check oil for creamy substance. If present your gasket. I updated another couple of questons about same thing (in more detail). Search on Fiat Punto overheating. Good Luck.

Car Sounds
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What would cause a strange noise on the front left hand side of a 2001 Fiat Punto that sounds like metal is rubbing on something?

If it only happens when cornering the I would say that its a driveshaft - otherwise, more information is required I had the exact same problem. It turned out that on the inside of the left front wheel, the brake shoe pin on the bottom was locked. This made the brake shoe dig into the router. When the brakes were applied, the sound would subside because the brake shoe flattened out and went into a normal position. The answer is you need new brakes and routers.

Fuel and Fuel Intake

How do you prime the diesel engine on Fiat Scudo van?

There is a hand pump under the bonnet, black in color Your thumb would fit on it. Keep pressing down till it becomes near solid, then you have primed it.

Fuel Pumps

Where is the fuel inertia switch on a fiat van?

Above the battery. It is a switch with a rubber top were you can push to reset it

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Why would a 1996 Fiat Punto shudder at the front end when pulling off?

I would say the gearbox is on the way out as i had the same problem and i had to replace the gearbox. and as you have a Mk1 Fiat Punto gearboxes are plentyful and cheap. but decide this age of car value of car and millage. and ask your self is it realy worth it as 1996 P reg puntos are only worth ?4-500. and it will cost you ?150-200 to replace the gearbox. Shudder can be caused by a defective clutch assembly And or broken/weak engine or gearbox mountings

Oil and Oil Filters

What gear oil for a fiat ducato 2.8td?

what gearbox oil for ducato 2.8 jtd

European Cars

Service reset for 2007 fiat ducato?

Switch Ign on (do not start engine)

Set Odometer to read total miles.

Press Odometer Button (OB) until CFG1 appears in display

Release the OB.

Pressing the OB briefly will change between CFG1, CFG2, CFG3, CFG1

Once you have selected the CFG (see below).

Press the OB again for 5secs to store the new service frequency.

Turn off the ignition.

I selected CFG1 for my vehicle (05 Reg 2.8JTD), but you must decide yourself for your vehicle, should take 5mins to read this and carry out the resetting procedure

Note: If your vehicle is under warranty and you take it to be serviced by a Fiat dealer they will do this as part of the service.

CFG1 = 30000km (18,600mi) and 365 days in cases of Standard Use for 2.0 petrol and 2.8JTD versions, or in the case of Severe Use for the 2.3JTD versions.

CFG2 = 20000km (12,500mi) and 365 days in case of Standard Use for 2.0JTD versions, or in case of severe use for 2.0 petrol and 2.8JTD versions

CFG3 = 15000km (9,300mi) and 365 days in case of Severe Use for 2.0JTD versions.

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What country makes Fiat cars?

Fiat cars were originally made in Italy, but now its manufacturing plants are located all over the world: Argentina, Brazil, China, Hungary, India, Iran, Italy, Morocco, North Korea, Poland, Russian Federation, South Africa, Turkey, Viet Nam.


How do you access spare tire on a fiat doblo?

rear of van under neath bolt


Where can you rent a Fiat new car?

You can rent a new Fiat car in a specialised car rental dealer or possibly a fiat dealer who rents the cars. Car rental services provide a wide range of rental cars.


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