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In the UK a Company called Motability handles this type of finance.

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Q: Where can a disabled person get a car loan?
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Can your car be taken for late payments if you become disabled?

Yes, it is not the banks fault you are disabled. You can conntact you loan company and they may be willing to work with you. But they are not required to change the terms of the loan.

If someone is disabled and therefore unemployed but getting SSDI how can he obtain a person to person auto loan for a used car?

"he' would call local lenders until he found one willing to make a loan based on his CR and expenses and income.

What is a Straw purchase on a car loan?

A straw purchase is when someone else signs for a car loan but the loan is being paid by someone else. For instance person "a" has bad credit and person "b"does not. Person "a"signs for a loan under the idea the car is for them, but it is actually for person "b." Person "b" then gives the car to person a to drive as their own. Person b is responcable for payments, but hopes person a will make them. This type of loan is not allowed. If a dealer knows this is taking place, they will not sell the car.

One person car loan and death?

Heirs pay loan or bank takes car.

Does a person who shares the title on a car but who is not on the loan have any legal responsibilities if the car is repossessed?

NONE on the loan.

Can you loan a car without the person on insurance?


What happens to the car and title if primary person on car loan dies and the secondary person has survived?

The estate has to settle the title. The secondary person can be held responsible for the loan until it is resolved.

How do you put your car loan in someone else's name?

You just can't place your loan in someone else's name. That other person has to get his/her own loan for the car and pay off your loan.

If two people are listed on title of car and person on loan defaults is other person responsible?

The car goes back regardless. If BOTH of the two people are on the loan, then BOTH are responsible. But if only one is on the loan then ONLY that person is reponsible.

Can you include someones income on a car loan without their bad credit affecting you?

A person cannot include someone's income on a car loan, without their bad credit affecting the outcome of the loan. If another person is placed on the car loan, that other person will also be run through a credit check. This includes cosigner applicants.

Which is better dealer or private car loan?

Private. I suggest getting pre-approved at your bank / credit union, and see if the dealer can beat that rate, as some dealers will arrange financing with a local bank. Private party car loan you can say it in other words personal car loan or person to person car loan where individual can get car loan without cosigner help.

The person you cosigned for on a car loan passed away am I still responsible for the loan?


What type of car loan agreement are available to purchase an infiniti G?

This is a hard question. Car loan agreements are dependent on your income and credit and vary from person to person.

Can your disabled parking permit be used in your car onlyor on your sons car when he drives you?

the permit is for the disabled person,not the vehicle. you are allowed to use it for any vehicle you ride in or drive.

If you Co-sign auto loan and the person defaults on the loan- can the finance company take your house?

No. If you cosign on a car loan and the person defaults, the finance company can not take your house in this state. After the finance company seizes the car, both you and the other person would still owe the unpaid balance of the loan.

Can you get auto insurance under your dad if hes not on the car loan?

Yes. The leinholder (the person who has to pay the loan) and the lender (the person who receives the loan payments) is not related to the person insured to drive the vehicle.

Do I have to pay for a car loan if the car isn't mine?

Auto loans are used for purchasing a vehicle of any kind. The loan is taken out by the person who purchases the car, and therefore the official payment is made by the same person.

How do you have a person completely take over a car loan payment?

sign the title over to the person buying the car

Can a finance company cancel the loan if the signer doesn't drive the car?

No. The loan was made and the person who made it owes for the loan. To take this one step further if the car was wrecked the loan is still owed. So, it doesn't matter who drives the car.

Does New Jersey offer car insurance for disabled drivers?

Quote Rack has a webpage dedicated to disabled drivers, they offer protection for both person and vehicle visit there page

Does the cosigner have to drive the car?

No, the cosigner signs on to the loan. Usually, the primary signer owns the car and drives it. The cosigner is there in case the loan goes into default and needs to be paid for. After they sign on the car does not belong to them, but the person who took out the loan.

Can a car be reposessed if its under another persons name?

The car can not be under another's name legally. Cars with a loan must be in that person's name. If you bought a car that was not paid off and the loan was not cleared you bought the car and the loan. Yes, they can get the car. That is why they put liens in the car. It prevents anyone from buying the car!

Where can a disabled veteran get a car loan?

The Veterans Administration may be able to help a disable veteran secure a car loan with a bank. They also have grants available for car adaptations. You can also contact Military One Source who can help as well. Their number is 800-342-9647.

Who is responsible when your car is being repossessed in Pennsylvania?

The owner of the car (person(s)) who took the loan on the car are responsible

can disabled person receve vehicle title loan?

Yes, a disabled person can recieve a title loan as long as they can provide the required documents. You will need the title to your vehicle, a current photo ID as well as some sort of proof of income. SSI is a common accepted proof of income so an award letter would be good.