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CBS Sports and The official NFL site offer fantasy football pools that are similar to Yahoo. ESPN and The Sports Network also offer fantasy football pools to join.

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Q: Where can a person find Fantasy Football pools similar to Yahoos?
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Does fantasy football have a fantasy draft?

Yes, all fantasy football leagues have a draft where each member of the league drafts current players from multiple positions and NFL teams to form their personal fantasy team. The draft can be in person or online using one of many online leagues. I personally recommend CBS sports. They have a great site that takes all the 'work' out of maintaining a league.

How many online fantasy football leagues can 1 person be in?

As many as you can handle, and most people do more than 1. The Fantasy Jungle lets people do up to 4 teams per season in their $50,000 contest and then 1 for each High Roller League as well as their free contest, which has a $10,000 grand prize. It's far and away the best fantasy football site that I know of.

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