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If information on Verizon's rates is required, you can go to Verizon's website and locate "Home Phone" under "Services". Then if you click on "Calling Plans", there is information listed which has rates.

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Q: Where can a person go to get information on the Verizon's rates for phone service?
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What is Verizons phone number?

If you go on they will give you constumer service and the store # near you.

If you sign up for Verizons internet phone service do you have to sign a contract?

If you sign up for Verizon's internet phone service yes you do have to sign a contract. There are lots of phones out there now a days where you can simply pay as you use though.

How can a person get free cell phone service?

How can a person get free cell phone service?

Where can a person find the contact information to speak to an ATandT service representative directly?

A place where one can find the contact information to speak to an AT&T service representative directly is at the store who provided the person the phone.

What kind of information can I get from a cell phone search service?

A cell phone search service can provide you with the name, number and location of a person by doing a reverse lookup. They are able to get landline and cell numbers that are not listed in the phone book by using a huge database of information. It is completely legal, but comes with a charge.

What do people use reverse phone look up for?

People use reverse phone look up to aquire information about a person or business using just the telephone number to search for this information. A person also uses it to look up customer information for the service associated with that specific phone numbered that was looked up.

What is the purpose of BT Answer phone service?

The purpose of the BT answer phone service is to answer a phone automatically. One can find this information online in online resources about the BT phone.

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Where can I find information about prepaid verizons and their prices?

You can find information about all phones, their prices, contracts, features and characteristics by checking them out at physical locations such as cell phone stores like Bell and Rogers. You can also check on line at the websites of retailers which sell these products to get the information you are looking for.

What telephone providers service the Lafayette, In area?

There are multiple phone service providers in Lafayette, In. You can check online or in the phone book to find contact information for various phone service providers.

Was the service provided over the phone or in person?


Where could a person find information on a free home phone service?

Finding a free home phone service provider is in many ways like searching for a proverbial needle in a haystack. While there might not be many viable options, sites like the government's Federal Communications Commission has information on programs like the Lifeline service.

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