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Where can an abused woman find help?

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Most larger cities have a womens shelter. If your husband/boyfriend is causing harm or you fear that he will cause harm, go to the womens shelter for information and protection. If you do not how to contact the shelter directly, call the police or 911. They can help.

2006-07-21 14:45:45
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Q: Where can an abused woman find help?
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How can you help an abused woman?

getting her help by telling the police, being her friend.

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Is there pictures of abused women?

Sure there are. Go to google and type in pictures of abused woman.

Why help the abused?

If someone is letting themselves be abused, they probably don't have the strength to help themselves get out of the situation.

How to explain love to a woman?

This needs clarification, and I'm curious why it's in the abused children section - is the woman you're trying to explain it to someone who was abused as a child? Were you abused as a child? Is there some abused child somewhere in the mix? And the question itself needs clarification: Are you trying to explain the concept of love to a woman who does not understand the idea? Are you trying to explain to a woman that you love her? Are you trying to explain that you love someone else to a woman who thinks you ought to love her?

Why do abused women attract abusive husbands?

Because they sense that the abused woman is submissive and they can abuse her easier than, say, a strong woman who stands up for herself.

What is the definition of domestic valiance?

I believe the word you're looking for is Domestic Violence. If not, I cant help you, but the definition of Domestic Violence is when a person is abused, mentally, physically, and emotionally, by their spouse/significant other. Most cases, the abused is the woman, however there are cases when the man is abused as opposed to the usual.

Should you help abused animals?

YES animals shouldn't be abused and plus they have no thumbs so they cant help them selves

Where can one volunteer to help abused animals?

One can volunteer to help abused animals at any local shelter. Many of the animals there have been abused and people can volunteer to take care of them.

What is the static of domestic violence at woman?

every second woman is abused in a relationship in the United State.

Can I help abused animals?

Yes you can!

Do boys get abused more than girls?

no actually they don't but they do get abused girls get abused everyday of every second im not saying boys don't either cause they do but not from there girlfriends or wifes but maybe a friend or a parent if you see a woman they get abused from friends parents siblings husband or wifes and boys get abused maybe a friend or a parent but do you ever see a man getting abused by a woman no as you could see we girls get abused everyday when some men dont even get abused and if its not physical its mentally if you ask me i think girls get more abused then boy!!!!

What organizations help abused children?

New Begginings Center Exploited Children's Help Organization Sexually Abused and Exploited Children

What degree is needed to counsel abused woman?

Phsycology degree

What is the name of that christian woman who was abused by her father?

Joyce Meyer

Does a child have to be abused?

No. Absolutely not. If you are a child and are being abused, there is help available for you. I feel for you in your situation, I was also abused as a child and I understand the pain. Please see the Related Links for some places to get help.

How do you help your son who is being emotionally abused by his father?

they can help by geting them help

Men that are abused by women get help where?

call 911 if you are being abused or are abusive and can't stop either call 911 or a counsellor to help you.

If you are being physically abused by your dad and sexually abused by your brothers can you become emincapated?

You need to tell someone you can trust about this fast! No one should be abused the way you say you are being abused! Can you get up the nerve to tell a teacher, pastor or someone you trust to help you? Please do this. If you are afraid to say it to the person, write it on paper, but make sure your father or brothers don't find it. Pass it to the person you trust and know will help you.

Help for abused women in France?

How about the men?

How can you help the abused and abandoned animals?

donate to charities that help the cause

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Why abused child will grow up to marry abused woman?

many people search for spouses with familiar or similar tendencies to their own parents