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Many of the most Cingular Cellular plans switched to AT&T. It is basically the same cell phone provider in the US, but it is just being called a different name now.

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Cingular cellular wireless bought out AT&T in 2004. Cingular became AT&T and bought out the company for 41 billion dollars becoming, back then, the nations largest wireless mobile communications company.

The cingular wireless 8125 is a cell phone with a slide out qwerty keyboard. Use of this cellular device must be done through Cingular Wireless, which is a mobile phone service.

No; the networks used by Cingular (now AT&T) and Verizon Wireless are incompatible.

boost cingular verizon sprint metro at&t

I would say all the cingular phones have great plans, but it depends on the plan you want for it, how many minutes, how much texting and most importantly the cost.

No. Cingular/AT&T use the GSM network and Sprint uses CDMA. A Verizon phone could be used with a Sprint plan but Verizon customer service will have to give an unlock code.

Yes. Pieces of paper describe your messages on your cellular device

There are no disadvantages of a cheap Cingular Phone. There are good information about this kind of phone and they are available for reading at Cellular Country and Cellular Outfitter.

AT&T has two varietes of plans. One is the individual plan while the other is the family plan. Each one has a variety to choose from. If you want an individual plan there are three to choose from, 40 dollars being the lowest.

Cingular Wireless (now known as AT&T) ran from 2000 to 2007. Cingular Wireless company got AT&T Wireless in 2006, but did not become re-branded officially as AT&T until January of 2007.

If you are referring to the cell phone company, it no longer exists. "Cingular" was the name given to the company formerly known as "Southwestern Bell Mobile". It was a subsidiary, (division), of AT&T. So what was "Southwestern Bell Mobile" changed to "Cingular" and is now "AT&T Cellular". AT&T's home office is located in Texas.

It depends on the plan you pick. You can get the monthly plan, the daily plan, or you can get the $.10/minute plan. Some of them have unlimited text and calling, and some have a data plan that goes with it. You just have to see which one is right for you.

No Helio is CDMA & Cingular is GSM

cingular phones with qwerty keyboards are cingular 8125,cingular 8525, nokia E62,nokia f9200,nokia 6822,some other blackberrys

Page Plus Cellular only offers one plan. This is the unlimited plan and it costs $39.95 a month. The plan includes talk, text and prepaid wireless. This plan is offered nationwide.

Both, AT&T bought out Cingular.

Yes. ATT Bought Cingular.

A Cingular cellphone is a phone that is tailored or made specifically for the Cingular cellphone network. Cingular at the time had a GSM network that used a specific cellphone band to make and receive calls.

This is an interesting question because lots of consumers confuse an individual health plan with a family health plan. However, there is no provision in federal law for extending coverage to a young adult under an individual plan.

The companies that offer cingular pay as you go phones include, but are not limited to Cingular One (now called AT&T) and Verizon. Singular prepaid GoPhones offer pay as you go and pick your plan prepaid payment options and a variety of phone models, making them a popular choice for prepaid phones.

The advantages of using a cingular mobile phone is that you are connecting to one of the worlds largest phone networks providing access to many millions of customers. The latest phones are available and there are many choices of price plan.

Cingular is the name of a mobile phone company. It is AT&T Mobility and was formerly called Cingular Wireless. They provide wireless service to subscribers.

Individual 401k plan is a type of an insurance plan. Many benefits are added upon availing the individual 401k plan including health, family and death insurances.

A mobile phone carrier is what company u have your phone plan under. It can be t-mobile, cingular, ATnT, and others.

The cost of calling long distance via a cellular phone depends largely on the specific phone company and plan that the individual has. These calls are always more expensive than calling someone locally.