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You may find some here, on this site. It would be helpful if you would say why you want to talk to people who have been in abusive relationships. Is it for research purposes or to compare experiences or to get advice? there is some places that you can go to like demestic violence. there you find some people who have died from that. you can find them anywhere, you just gotta know where to find them.

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Q: Where can find you people who have been in abusive relationships?
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Why do people go into relationships?

To find their soul mate.

What are some example of the cause of abusive relationships?

The main predictor of abusive relationships is if someone has themselves been abused or has grown up in a family where abuse was present. It is very contagious, particularly when the abusive family has sons, since they will repeat the homelife they grew up in. Girls tend to find someone to marry who is like the abuser. (of course, there are abusers of both sexes--I don't mean to be exclusive) Common occupations of abusers include being in law enforcement or the military, but they are not exclusive. As a society, we often blame the victim for not leaving the abuser, or for somehow creating a situation where anger can surface and so on. However, most people can express anger and disappointment without being verbally or physically abusive.

What do scientists use to find organisms relationships?

They use people.

Why should women get out of abusive relationships?

Women should get out of an abusive relationship because it may escalate from emotional abuse to physical or sexual abuse, sometimes even murder. No one deserves to be abused and to stay in an abusive relationship is not worth it. If you are being abused, please leave and find help, especially if you have children, you need to protect them too.

How many gay people are in relationships?

to find out how many gay people are in relationships, one must find out how many gay people there are in the world. Which is next to impossible because there are sill many homosexuals who still refuse to come out of the closet.

Why is it that every friendship I get into they turn physically abusive?

You are most likely hanging out with the wrong people. You probably need to massively change your social circles. Leave the social circles that keep getting you in these situations and find new ones. Abuse is illegal. Please report such occurrences to the authorities so they can prevent the abuse happening to someone else. Abusive relationships cause thousands of deaths. You can prevent that by reporting them.

How do gay people find relationships?

Many LGBT people find their match through dating apps and local clubs. Also,some find them at the pride festival

What is an easy way to get with a girl?

There is no easy way. You have to build relationships, not find them. Relationships are built on trust, love, friendship, romance etc.... You actually have to get out there and look for people.

How do you get more respect from your girlfriend?

First, respect her, and show by example. Ask for her respect. If she cannot be respectful, it will be a bad relationship. She needs to learn respect. Read up on abusive and healthy relationships. If she is abusive, it is better for you both to separate. you should ask her nicely if she can be more respectful.if she tells u not to tell her what to do find a girl your type

How has society impacted social relationships?

The use of technology have created what I find to be a pretty interesting effect, as it has never been so easy for people to be in touch with each other, but at the same time, this same technology take so much of people's time that they end up no spending much time to the very people with they do have relationships with. Odd, but I would say that is the greatest impact on social relationships.

How many women get out of abusive relationships?

You can find some statistics. There are no true stats on this because many women never report abuse. They are extremely fearful in most cases and the laws have taken a long while to protect women from abuse. If you or anyone you know is in an abusive relationship, head for the closest "Abused Women's Center" in your area, and if you can't find it in your phone book, then phone "Mental Health" and they will put you into the right direction.

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no more than three days after rememberence day. People will find this abusive and deeply distressing.

How many kinds of relationships do you have?

i have been in a few but not at the same time i think it is wrong to cheat unless the people know what you are doind because if they find out your cheating you will have nobody at all so my advice is dont cheat

Which of the following are word relationships that often appear in standardized tests and ask you to find relationships oftens in pairs?

Word relationships that often appear in standardized tests and ask you to find relationships and often pairs are known as analogies.

What can a person do if they are being abusive?

If you realize that you are being abusive, whether verbally or physically, it is imperative that you seek help from a professional to find out why you are,, you are already on your way by admitting to it.

How find pimps Karachi?

How to find pimps in Karachi ... Why is this in relationships

Where can one find history on interracial relationships?

There are many places to find history on interracial relationships. Local libraries will have books on the subject. Pbs also has articles on their website about interracial relationships. The Washington Post has a few articles as well about interracial relationships.

What relationships do teenagers have?

It depends. Some teenagers just want to date around, but others can find people that they are truly compatible with.

Why can't a child with autism can't develop social relationships with other people?

It's Autistic child, not 'child with autism'. An Autistic child may be able to develop social relationships with other people, it's simply that Autistic people struggle with social and communication difficulties so may find it harder to form relationships. Every Autistic person is different.

What do you call the word relationships that often appear in standardized tests and ask you to find relationships?


If a child grows up in an abusive home will the child grow up to be abusive too?

They have quite a high likely hood of growing up abusive if they grow up in an abusive home. Some children do find a good and inspiriational adult they want to be like and so they mimic behaviour. Although if the child follows their siblings and parents behaviour they will brcome abusive. Hope this helps!:)

Where can you find litter?

Anywhere people have been.

Do emotionally abusive people stop the abuse when moving on to another relationship?

Most likely not without some counseling. Most abusers are serial abusers. They continue to abuse others in successive relationships, pretty much with the same MO (mode of operation). I don't think so. We all have patterns for relationships in our lives....I do believe, with good therapy, that victims can choose better mates and choose better relationships. I firmly believe, though, that abuser tend to go back to their old ways eventually...the only thing that can mellow an abuser is old age (feeble). I escaped my abuser over 3 months ago. He is still trying to abuse, intimidate and control me. And he has been actively looking for his next victim for months. Even before I broke up with him. I even begged him for the last year to find someone else knowing that he (in the past) always had one on the hook before he left the current one!!!!! I find that sometimes I think of others before myself. I have learned a good bit about controlling relationships but find I attract those types of people in my life and am frighten of doing the same thing again. I have a psychologist whom is helping me but would love to get into a relationship but want it to be a healthy one. I believe not...its becomes habit..they get in that mode..they get use to it and cant seem to function any other way.. no they don't just change with out help, because people who are abusive were probably abused them self or seen other people abused. so they abuse people them self because it makes them feel like their in control and have more power.

Does the kids get took away if child abuse?

Yeah. There is no reason why kids should stay in the environment they are in if it is abusive and will find a home with kinder people and a better overall environment.

If your husband is being abusive and you tell him that you're going to kill him if he doesn't let go are you being abusive?

People tend to say things in anger. Since your husband is abusive you should consider going to a Woman's Abuse House to find help and learn tools to cope. No one has the right to abuse the other. Your relationship is toxic and you are in control of your life and not your husband. To tell him you are going to kill him is a serious accusation and when you get to this point it's time for you to leave this abusive relationship.