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A lot of places after Peragus and Telos. Like from a mercenary on Dantooine.

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Are there black lightsaber crystals in kotor 2?


Is there a mod for Kotor 2 PC which gives you a tiny Yoda sized lightsaber?


Where can i find a viridian lightsaber crystal on kotor 2 for the Xbox?

evry time ya find get lightsaber color crystal its random

How do you get lightsaber form niman on KotOR 2?

ya get it once ya reached level that ya get it

Where can you buy KOTOR 2?

You can buy it on Amazon. Preowned is about £15

How do you get a lightsaber in the beginning of kotor 2?

If your playing on a computer you can probably look up some mods if not then your preety well outta luck.;-( SRRY

Do you need kotor 1 to run kotor 2?

No you don't need KotOR I to run KotOR II.

Where do you find the pouch upgrades in assassins creed 2?

You buy them from a tailor

Why won't kotor 1 and kotor 2 work on my PC?

you have got vista and kotor dosent work for vista hope this helped

How to fix Kotor?

There is one way how to fix kotor 2, you have to get the patch, sadly they deleted the patch.cant they put it back on? I believe they are going to be making another patch for KOTOR 2.

Where can you buy armor in mass effect 2?

Omega has multiple armor upgrades.

Can you put kotor 2 on a mac?

It is possible to play the video game Kotor 2 on a Mac. Instructions of how to do so are online.

How do you get force lightning in kotor 2?

ya have to have shock (weaker version) and lv 8 after that ya can "buy" it from power abilitys

When will Star Wars kotor 3 be out?

It is unknown yet if a KOTOR 3 will come out, but a internet game called Star Wars: The Old Republic came out after KOTOR 2.

What is the effect of the silver lightsaber crystal in the force unleashed 2?

you get a silver lightsaber.

In the godfather 2 video game after you buy a weapon upgrade can use the old upgrades?

please answer

Does a gamecam work for KOTOR 2?

i think

In kotor 2 how do i get a second lightsaber?

if ya have build 1 ya start finding them from corpses and ya get few wrom quests and 1 wrom tomb at korriban (tomb is in a cave and ya can only enter it after ya either become sith or jedi)

Is there Darth Vader armor in kotor 2?

No... Kotor is set before the time of vader however armor is aquireable via Mods

What jedi robes are in kotor 2?

Go to

Does kotor 2 work for the xbox 360?


What does the acronym KOTOR 2 mean?

KOTOR 2 is an acronym for the Star Wars based video game "Knights of the Old Republic II". This is a prequel to the original game KOTOR I. Hard core fans prefer that people not confuse the acronym as a real word.

How do you train jedi on KOTOR 2?

i dont think u can

Can you play as Darth Nihilus in KOTOR 2?

Not without modding.

Why cant star wars knights of the old republic 2 work on a window 7 computer?

Keep trying. KOTOR and KOTOR 2 are working fine on my brand new Dell.