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need a 10 day letter after vehicle is repossessed

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Q: Where can i find a sample letter of a 10 day repossession letter after repossessed?
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A sample letter of vehicle repossession for the state of Texas Where can you find one?

Sample letter of vehicle repossession for the state of texas

What options do you have in Connecticut if your car is repossessed and you want it back?

Your option is to CALL the lender who had it repossessed and find out how much it will cost to get it back. Repossession is a matter between YOU and the LENDER. There is no state agency that oversees the process.

Surplus monies after a repossession section 105 of the law and property act 1925?

I had my house repossessed about 10 years ago and can't remember the lender how do I find out if there was a surplus

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Is there a website for repo boats for sale?

There are sites out there that sell repossessed items, however, it is unlikely your friend will find his exact boat. He might be better served by contacting whoever did the repossession.

Can you find my car by the VIN if it was stolen or repossessed?

There are certain strict procedures that an automobile repossessor must follow when he is repossessing your car. The repossessor must notify the police that such vehicle is being repossessed, you did before or after the repossession has occurred. In either case, the police should know right away that the vehicle was repossessed. If this is not the case, then the vehicles like to have been stolen.

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Can you get your leased car out of repossession?

It's not really clear what you mean by "out of repossession". Repossession is an event, not a condition. If you're asking if you can get it back after it's been repossessed, it's at least theoretically possible if you act quickly enough; you should contact the leasing agency and find out what you need to do. At minimum, you should expect to have to bring the payments current and pay the repossession expenses; you may also be asked to provide a deposit against future defaults.

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Can putting a For Sale sign on a vehicle that is in the process of being repossessed stop the repossession?

Sorry, NO. Might make it easier to find tho. You will get the sign back when you redeem your PP. Or redeem the car.

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How can a person find and buy repossessed cars?

Repossessed cars are usually auctioned off in the county they were repoed in, you can also try this link to help find repossessed cars,

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You can find information on repossessed car auctions on websites such as Absa (under repossessed cars), AutoBidMaster and RepoDirect. Depending on where you live there can also be local sources of information.

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