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Is this gun marked Marlin MR-7? If so, Marlin Firearms Co. can give you info on these newer guns.

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Q: Where can info on a Marlin Bolt Action 25-06 hunting rifle be found?
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What is a Marlin model 30 AS?

A Marlin model 30AS is a leaver action 30 cal hunting rifle starting production about 1985

Why is Marlin Rifle Company making rifle and not sell that cal ammo?

marlin 35 cal. lever action. rifle/ Marlin makes the rifle ,but not the ammo for it.

What is the date of manufacture on marlin 30as lever action rifle 13085758?

Your Marlin rifle was made in the year 1987.

What is the range of a 30.30 marlin lever action rifle?

Range? About 2.5-3 miles. Accurate effective range for hunting? About 200 yards.

What type of action does the Marlin model 81 have?

this is a bolt action rifle

How do you fix lever action jammed in down position on Marlin 39A 22 rifle?

I have a Marlin 30 30 deer rifle and it is jammed with the lever action down how can I unjam it?

What is the date of manufacture on marlin 30A lever action rifle 18021952?

Your Marlin rifle was made in the year 1982,with the serial number that you have provided.

How old is a marlin lever action 38 w with serial 67044?

If I understand your question correctly,you have a Marlin lever action rifle chambered in 38WCF(38-40).If that is the case,then you have a Marlin model 1889 rifle,that was made in the year 1892.

Which is better for hunting a short action or a long action rifle?


Value of marlin model 81 micro-grove barel 22cal bolt action rifle what is it what is value of marlin model81 bolt action micro-groove 22 cal rifle?

150 USD

How old is marlin model 98 22 cal bolt action rifle?

Marlin made a model 98 semi-auto .22cal rifle from 1957-1959.They also made a model 980 bolt action .22cal rifle from 1962-1970.They did not make a model 98 bolt action rifle in .22caliber.

How is is your marlin 38.55 lever action rifle serial 93777?


Did marlin firearms make a lever action rifle that ejected from the top?


How to unlodge a Marlin lever action rifle?

Take it to a gun smith.

What is the marlin 30TK?

It's a version of the Marlin 336 lever action rifle that was made for KMart back in the day.

Marlin model 80?

Despite the question mark, you have not yet asked a question. The marlin Model 80 was a bolt action hunting quality .22 rimfire caliber rifle. Value will depend on condition, but is roughly in the $125-$150 range.

Where can a picture of a marlin 22 cal boltaction rifle made in 1920's be seen?

Was there a marlin 22 cal. bolt-action rifle made in 1920's?

Where can an ownwer's manual for a Marlin model 80 22 bolt action rifle be obtained?

Try the Marlin website or eBay.

Did marlin make a 41 magnum lever action rifle?

Yes the Marlin Model 1894FG is chambered in .41 mag.

What brands offer a 44mag lever action rifle?

Marlin, Henry, Puma

What is the value of a marlin 336B lever action rifle?

100-300 USD

What is a Sears Roebuck and company model 103.13 .22 caliber bolt action rifle worth?

Your rifle is a Marlin Model 81. Value could range from $50-$145, depending on condition. Most are around $100 or so. Accurate reliable hunting grade rifle.

How many rounds does a lever action 3030 marlin rifle hold?

A marlin lever action 30-30 rifle can hold fife shells in the magazine and one in the chamber.

What is the value of a 45-70 caliber marlin lever action rifle?

Depending on condition, a Marlin 1895 lever action in 45-70 sells for $400-$500.

What is U stands for in the serial number of marlin lever action rifle?

The letter U which is a prefix to your serial number is used to date the production of your Marlin lever action rifle.In this case the letter U indicates that your rifle was made by marlin in the time frame of 1960-august of 1961.

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