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When you purchase your automobile, it will automatically come with a 12 month warranty (in most cases, longer). Your automobile dealer will probably recommend an extended warranty.

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Q: Where can one buy a 12 month warranty for ones car?
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Buy a Car Warranty?

form_title=Buy a Car Warranty form_header=Unexpected repairs lead to unexpected and often high bills. Help plan ahead by buying a car warranty. Describe what you want covered under the warranty:=_ What is the price range you expect to spend per month?="" How long do you want the warranty to last?=_

Remove Car Warranty?

form_title=Remove Car Warranty form_header=Sometimes you decide that you don't want the protection of an extended car warranty. What type of warranty did you have?=_ How much money did you pay per month?=_ Why do you want to cancel your warranty?=_

What cities would one have to live in to warranty ones car through AA Warranty?

One could live in almost any city in the United States of America in order to warranty one's car through AA Warranty. AA Warranty will not insure a car outside of the US.

Are tires covered under the 3 month used car warranty?

Normally they are not covered. Read the details of the warranty to find out.

If I buy a used car, will a warranty protect me against costly repairs?

Depending on what you did to the car and if the failed part fall under warrant. And if the car still has warranty.

If you buy a new car and get an extended warranty when you sell the car will the warranty go with the car?

Some do and some don't. Read the warranty information and it will tell you if it is transferrable. Extended warranties are rarely a smart purchase.

Is there a warrenty when you purchase a car at a used car auction?

Get an extended warranty whenever you buy a used car. We'll review extended car warranty companies like Warranty Direct. Be sure to read our chapter on Extended Warranty Scams & Tips. If you buy a used car and an extended warranty, and if the car is found to have a salvaged title, it will void your extended warranty. You'll be out several hundred dollars. one can also link to DMV Web Sites For All 50 States.

Can a bank make you buy an extended car warranty in exchange for a lower interest rate in PA And if not do they have to remove the warranty from my loan since we since we told them we didNOT want it?

A bank cannot require a warranty for a car loan. If it is the bank requiring you to buy the warranty you can report them to the PA Banking Commission. However, this is a typical scam from the car dealer saying the bank requires it when they actually don't. The car dealer is really making you buy an overpriced warranty.

Extended Car Warranty?

form_title=Buy an Extended Car Warranty form_header=With this extra insurance, you can have your car repaired to fix a variety of issues. What type of coverage is currently on the car?=_ Has the car been in any accidents= () Yes () No Did you buy your car new or used?= () New () Used

Where can I buy cheap car warranty?

I would talk to your car manufacturer to get the best and cheap car warranty. They all have deals available to sell you as many do not purchase car warranties when buying these days.

Can I buy a car warranty after the manufacturer's warranty has expired?

Yes you can, but the company that you buy the extended warranty from may be different from the company that you got your original warranty from. Therefore, it may have different policies, so read the fine print carefully.

How long does the basic factory warranty last on a new car?

The length of the warranty depends on the type of car or truck that you buy. Most dealers offer a ten year/100,000 mile warranty on their vehicles.

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