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One can find a bankruptcy lawyer in New York via a number of legal websites. One can find listings on 'New York Bankruptcy Law', 'FindLaw' and 'New York Bankruptcy Help'.

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Q: Where can one find a New York bankruptcy lawyer?
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Where could a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer be hired for free in New York?

Finding a bankruptcy lawyer to be hired for free in the state of New York is no small task. However, the NYC Bankruptcy Assistance Project (NYC BAP) does staff lawyers who provide this service pro bono.

Where can one find a bankruptcy attorney in New York?

One would be able to find a bankruptcy attorney located in New York by visiting the Silver Bankruptcy website. They also offer the customer a free consultation.

Did lori maclean file for bankruptcy in ny how do you find out?

Check with the bankruptcy court in New York.

Questions To Ask When Meeting with a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

If you are planning to file a bankruptcy, you should find an experienced, competent bankruptcy lawyer if you want to succeed. Filing a bankruptcy is a huge decision, but it can help you lift the burden of financial debt from your shoulders. When you meet with a bankruptcy lawyer, you should ask the following questions. Ask your bankruptcy lawyer if you should file a bankruptcy and find out what options you have. A good bankruptcy lawyer can help you decide if you should file a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You should also find out what the negative effects and benefits are for filing a bankruptcy. You should find out who will be handling your case. Sometimes the person you meet or speak with is the not the person that handles bankruptcy cases. It would be a good idea for you to talk with the person who is handling your case to discuss your concerns. If you do not feel comfortable with the person who is handling your case, you should find a new bankruptcy lawyer. You should also find out if the bankruptcy lawyer is experienced. Find out how many years he has been handling bankruptcy cases. You should only hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to represent your case. When you are shopping around for bankruptcy lawyers, find out how much they charge for their services. Some bankruptcy lawyers charge a flat fee and others charge an hourly rate. Also, you should find out if there are any additional costs for using their services. Compare rates with several lawyers before you choose one to represent you. When you are comparing bankruptcy lawyers, you should also find out what the process involves, what they will need from you, and how long the whole process will take before you find out if your case is approved. Before you meet with a bankruptcy lawyer, jot down any other questions or concerns that you have. That way, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Where can one hire New York lawyers?

New York lawyers are not difficult to find. One way to hire a good lawyer in New York is to utilize the Lawyer Referral and Information Service which is publicly available.

Where could one find a construction lawyer in New York?

One can locate a construction lawyer in New York from the FindLaw Lawyers Directory website. A construction lawyer can help you to negotiate the solution of the dispute.

Where can one find a good trademark lawyer in New York?

One can find a good trademark lawyer in New York at Colucci & Umans and Ullman law offices. Other great law offices that offer trademark lawyer services in New York are Prodigy Services Corporation and Blustein Shapiro Rich Barone.

Where can one find a tax lawyer in New York?

Someone looking for a tax lawyer in New York can find one in many places. The local phone book or yellow pages will have many listings for a tax lawyer in the area. Another good way to find a tax lawyer is to contact any company that does taxes and ask them for a number to a tax lawyer that they recommend.

What should I know before hiring a New York immigration lawyer?

It is very important that you find an experienced New York immigration lawyer. You will also want to find out if they have represented cases that are similar to yours, and if they are familiar with your country.

Where can one get a New York criminal lawyer?

There is a website dedicated to finding New York criminal lawyers alone, which is new-york-lawyers. They hire lawyers that are practiced in one area of law, so you are bound to find a lawyer for your needs.

Average salary of a family lawyer in new york?

what is the annual salary of an family lawyer in new york

Where can one find a divorce lawyer in New York?

There are many places where one can find a divorce lawyer in New York. One can check sites such as NY Courts and FindLaw. Alternatively, once can check related forums on the topic.

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