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Many shipping companies provide lessons for their drivers when they first hire them. An unskilled truck driver proves a liability to the company that they work for, so lessons are a must before a driver begins his or her work.

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Q: Where can one find a school for truck drivers?
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Where can I get semi truck information?

One place to search for information about becoming a semi truck driver would be by visiting a school that trains drivers. It will benefit you most to speak to an a actual person who trains truck drivers, because they are knowledgeable about the field.

Where can one find a truck driver for hire in the US?

A website called trucker search has an advanced system which lets you fill in your specific location and gives you a list of truck drivers you can hire.

I just got my permit for the class A license. after training with your center do i take the DMV test in your truck or do i have to find one?

Most truck driving schools in Ontario Canada provide a truck for students taking the DMV test to become a truck drivers.

Where can one find replacement Broadcom drivers?

One can find replacement Broadcom drivers when one goes to the website of Ubuntu. On this website, one can find a full list of replacement Broadcom drivers.

Where is the number one pistion on a 4.3L truck?

Drivers side, first one up front.

Did anyone die driving a monster truck?

No one has died driving a monster truck, but some drivers have had broken bones.

Does one have to go to school to drive a garbage truck?

Educational and training requirements for garbage truck drivers vary. In general, there are no minimum education requirements although many employers require a high school diploma. They also must have the appropriate driver's license issued by the state.

Information on Truck Driver School?

The transport industry keeps growing every year. Trucks are one of the most popular means for moving goods on land. Truck driving schools, therefore, exist to train professional truck drivers. These are the people who help you move houses, or transport goods that cannot be transported by air because they are too delicate. Truck driving schools exist in almost all towns, in America, even the smallest. These driving lessons usually take 3-4 weeks. The trained driver is then given a CDL license, and some training schools even find their students jobs; for example, PAM Transport and Road Master Driving School. During these training sessions, drivers are taught skills such as map reading. They also prepare drivers for the demands of the job. Truck driving is lucrative, with some drivers receiving up to 40,000 dollars a year. Not only is this salary impressive, but one also gets to spend as much time as they want on the road. Also, one is usually their own boss while they are on the road. Furthermore, one main advantage of being a truck driver is that there are always job openings. Many of older truck drivers are retiring and there are very few young people interested in being truck drivers. Drivers have a lot of allowances, and apart from that; the machines that they work with are always of quality. As much as truck driving has its advantages, there are also quite a number of disadvantages that the school prepares drivers for. Diet is a major problem for truck drivers. Since they are seated while driving, they at a higher risk of developing complications; statistics rank them the most probable to develop obesity. Truck drivers find difficulties in having families of their own because they spend most of their time on the road. Another health issue that affects track drivers is depression. This is because they spend long lonely hours on the road. This depression can affect concentration and lead to a fatal road accident. Lastly, much as these companies claim to be training them for free, track drivers in a way pay this money as they drive.

How many drivers UPC employs in the US?

There are many truck drivers that work for UPS. Each city employs at least ten different truck drivers, as many are needed in every area. One can apply at their local UPS store.

Is there a special seat designed for truck drivers who need lumbar support?

Yes, there is a special seat designed for truck drivers who need lumbar support. You can purchase one at

Are there any independent truck schools in Rock Island, IL?

I could find no evidence of even one trucking school in Rock Island. You might have to travel a little to go to trucking school. Example of a truck school in Chicago: .

What training to become a truck driver?

The basic requirements are: high school graduate or equivalant, clean driving record, get your Commercial Drivers License, pass a federal saftey exam, and a physical exam. You can find more information on sites like this one:

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