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One can find information about INTEX pool on the official website of the company INTEX Corp. One can find information on the INTEX pool also from the websites In The Swim and Pool Products.

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Q: Where can one find information about intex pool?
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Which is better intex pools or summers escape pool brand?

Intex pool brand and summer escape pool brand are both reliable and at a low cost , so either one would do the job.

Where can one find more information about pool paints?

One can find more information about pool paints from businesses such as Home Depot. Bestbuyspoolsupply also has information about pool paints that can be helpful.

Where can one find information about gene pool?

One can find good information about the gene pool and about genes generally on Wikipedia. This gives a lot of information and links in to other articles on related subjects.

Is a rip approximately 2 inches long in one seam of a new above-ground Intex pool repairable?

I have an Intex above ground pool and have fixed two long cuts at the bottom side. I bought an underwater patch kit at Wal-Mart that is doing terrificly.

Where online could one find information on verifying DMI pool data?

There are a number of places where one could find information on verifying DMI pool data, particularly online. Some websites with information are Computer Hope and Bleeping Computer.

Can you put sea salt inside the intex pool insead of buying the distributor?

Use what ever is recommended by the builder or the manufacturer of the salt system. If there is a choice then choose one. If there is only one choice then there is no other alternative. It makes no difference whether your pool is an Intex or not! USE THE PRODUCT THAT IS RECOMMENDED. Unless you want to replace the system prematurely. k

Where can one Intex Swimming pools?

One can purchase Intex Swimming pools in online stores such as Amazon and Intex Corp. They are also available on eBay, Walmart, Big W or Brands on Sale.

Where can one find information on financing pool gates?

A person can get information on financing pool gates from several different places. Some of these places include Paramount Fencing and Fredrick Fence.

What is the best way to vacuum an intex above ground pool?

We have a 42 x 15 round Intex. What works for us is last one out creates a whirlpool and gets out, approx 5-10 min later all dirt and debris are in a clump in the middle and is easily removed by the skimmer.

Where can one purchase an Intex airbed?

There are many places where one can purchase an Intex Airbed. This includes homeware stores such as Target as well as large superstores such as Walmart.

Where can one get more information on pool loans?

One can go to HFS financial for more information on a pool loan. The information that one provides for their swimming pool loan will enable HFS financial to determine the different loan options avaialble to the person.

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