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Sales on houses can be found in the local newspapers. In addition, sales on houses can also be found by searching Craigslist under the homes for sale section.

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2013-05-29 18:26:05
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Q: Where can one find information on sales on houses in their local area?
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Where can a moving sale be found in the local area?

There are many sites on the internet that show information about Garage Sales, Yard Sales and Estate sales. By using a map; you can search your area, finding local moving sales. Such information includes Location, Time and Date of the Moving sale.

Where can someone find houses in the Marietta area?

One may find houses in the Marietta are by using the site "Realtor". Complete listings and pricing are provided with contact information for the sales agent associated with each property.

Are the tickets to new moon sold out?

This varies by the area you live in. Check your local listings for pre-release sales information. is a useful tool for this.

Where can one find information on houses for sale in Phoenix?

One could find information on houses for sale in Phoenix by contacting local real estate agents in the area. One could also search real estate agents on the web and find listings online as well.

How do I get information on hearing an explosion in my area?

You can get information regarding an explosion in your area from local administrative offices.

Does Firestone has tire sale?

Please go to the official Firestone website at for more information regarding their tires and upcoming sales. It will also be good to go to any local stores in your area that sales Firestone Tires to see if they will be having in upcoming sales.

I would like to know if there are any reasonable houses to purchase in Georgia?

Houses for rent are usually found online or in your local Georgia newspaper. There may also be auctions in your local Georgia area for houses to rent or buy.

Where can one find information on Jacksonville foreclosures?

Anyone seeking information on homes in foreclosure in the Jacksonville, Florida area can check with a local bank or realtor. If they would like to shop online, they can look at Zillow, Bank Foreclosures Sales, Sunshine State Sales, or Realty Store, among others.

What kind of wood were houses made of in the 1800's?

Generally wood local to the area where the building was.

Which websites have information about endowment policy sales in the UK?

For information about endowment policy sales in the UK, a website such as Policy Sales Direct may be helpful. The website offers an area to have a policy valued, and a helpful FAQ.

Where can someone find a 4 bedroom house for rend?

Houses for rent, with any number of bedrooms, can be found in several places. Real estate websites specific to the search area list such houses. Local publications and freesheets may also carry this information.

Who condemns houses?

It depends with a given setup. It may the ministry of housing, the local authority or just individuals within a given area who condemn the houses.

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