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One can make a Runescape account by logging into the official website of Runescape. One has to provide age, email address and password in order to make a Runescape account.

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Q: Where can one make a RuneScape account?
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How can you create an account on RuneScape?

You can make a RuneScape account by going to the home page.

Does anybody have a very good RuneScape account that I can Have?

No, no one is going to give you a runescape account.

Is somebody willing to give me their account for RuneScape?

Account sharing is prohibited in RuneScape. Any person can make a new account, though.

How can one get free RuneScape accounts?

There are several online sites that can tell one how to get a free RuneScape account. A free RuneScape account cannot be obtained legally. It is best to pay for your account.

How do you get your first ever RuneScape name?

When you make your account, the name you create your account with is your "first ever" runescape name.

Why are you not eligible to make an account on runescape?

You are not eligible to make an account if you are under 13 or are banned.

What to do if you are banned in RuneScape?

Make a new account. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Lmfao.... Appeal your account...

How do you create account in RuneScape?

On the home page of Runescape theirs a create an account button from their you can make your name and begin scaping.

Trading a RuneScape account?

No one will give you a runescape account, besides it is against Jagex's rules and will lead to you and your account getting banned.

Need a free runescape account over 80?

Account trading is against the rules of RuneScape. Please make your own account, and build it up.

What is Runescape password?

"runescape password" is the password required to access one's created runescape account.

How do you invite people to RuneScape?

ask people to make a account or advertise runescape on the web

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