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There are many different places to purchase a Lacrosse stick in Canada, and one of them would be Amazon. Amazon offers a wide variety of lacrosse sticks too, so quality can be decided on.

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Q: Where can one purchase a lacrosse stick In Canada?
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Is lacrosse the main sport in Canada?

Lacrosse is one of Canada's 'main' sports- the other being Ice Hockey.

Where can one purchase gloves for lacrosse?

One can purchase lacrosse gloves from a variety of online retailers such as Northern Soul Sportswear, Captain-Lax, Lacrosse, Amazon, eBay, Adidas and Nike.

What is better a wooden lacrosse stick or a metal one?

medal is

How do you know what lacrosse stick you should get?

Well, i would recommend an "Amonte lacrosse stick" you can find those at typical lacrosse stores..... But most lacrosse sticks are good so.... i would choose one with kind of a fit pocket.

What countries have lacrosse as their national sport?

Canada is one. Yet Canada has two.....Lacrosse as the summer sportIce Hockey as the winter sport

What is one reason for cradling the ball in lacrosse?

You cradle the ball in lacrosse so if someone hits your stick it is less likely to fall out.

What is the difference between a full size lacrosse stick and a mid size lacrosse stick?

The bigger stick is primarily used for defensive players and is 72in long(With head) The smaller one is used for every other position and is 42in long.(With head)

What sports uses a net on a stick similar to the one used to catch butterflies?

Isn't it lacrosse?

Where can one purchase Lacrosse shorts?

One can purchase Lacrosse shorts from retails like eBay, Amazon and Bed Bath And Beyond. These are the leading retails which also sells other products related and unrelated to shorts as well.

Where can one purchase a used 4GB Memory Stick?

There are not many options available for one to purchase a used 4GB Memory Stick as these are very reasonably priced to purchase new. If one is wanting to purchase a used memory stick there are a few options available on the Amazon website.

Where can one purchase a Lacrosse Wii game?

Walmart, Best Buy, EB Games and on Amazon, are some of the places one can purchase a Lacrosse (Nintendo) Wii game. On classified sites such as Craigslist and Kijiji are also places it can be purchased.

What games are played with a net on a stick and a ball?

The only one that comes to mind right now is lacrosse.

Is lacrosse Canada's national sport yes or no?

Yes, but it's one of two. Canada has two national sports. The official summer sport is lacrosse, while their official winter sport is ice hockey.

Where can one purchase a cue stick?

There are many different varieties of places available where one can purchase a cue stick. These places include, but are not limited to, Amazon and Ebay.

Where can one purchase lacrosse cleats?

Lacrosse cleats can be purchased at a sporting goods store, such as Dick's Sporting Goods. They will probably be located in the footwear section, but they may also be found with other lacrosse equipment.

Where can one purchase Great Britain stamps in Canada?

There are several places that one can purchase Great Britain stamps with Canada. The best place to purchase stamps is at any official Canada post location.

What are the national sports in Canada?

One of the first Canadian sport was invented by the Native Canadians. It was called Lacrosse. Hockey is also a Canadian sport that I believe was invented after lacrosse. It's the most popular sport in Canada.

Where can one purchase Peavey speakers in Canada?

You can purchase Peavey speakers in Canada at your local Best Buy store. You can also purchase them online through Amazon and have them shipped to Canada.

What kind of lacrosse gear is needed to play lacrosse?

In order to play competitive lacrosse, one needs a lot of gear to protect oneself. A helmet with face mask, mouthpiece, shoulder pads, and cup (if male) are the minimum requirements. This, of course, is in addition to a lacrosse stick and ball.

Where can one purchase a Chevy in Canada?

There are many places to purchase a Chevy in Canada. One place is a used car dealer. Another is a Chevrolet dealer which are located throughout Canada.

What is Canada's official Summer Sport?

Its official sport WAS lacrosse. Sorry dont know the summer one.

What are Canada's 2 main sports?

Lacrosse is the official national sport and hockey is the most popular one.

Where can one purchase a Chapman stick online?

One can purchase a Chapman stick online at various websites. These websites include: Stick, Ebay, Amazon, Sticklist, Yakaz, Megatar, The Stick Center, Electro Music, Lion Seek, and multiple other websites.

How do you direct a ball in a girls lacrosse draw?

When you move your stick, go very fast "up & out" in the direction of one of your wings.

Where can one purchase a Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender?

One can purchase a Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender in a number of different stores. Chain stores like Walmart and Target always have a few available to purchase.