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One of the places that one can purchase a remote Control Nitro truck is on the website Amazon. One can also visit the official Nitro RCX website to purchase the truck.

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Q: Where can one purchase an RC Nitro truck?
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Where could one go to get help building a nitro RC truck?

There are several websites that one could get help building a nitro RC truck. These websites include RC Car Action, YouTube, RC Vehicles, and Nitro RC Car.

What is better a nitro RC car or a nitro RC truck?

a nitro RC car is faster on street but if u want a nice jumping one then get a truck. *Offroad vs Onroad* Trucks last longer because they are built better...

Where can I purchase nitro rc parts?

The number one place to purchase nitro rc parts is Other places you can find random parts would be on or

Where can one buy a Nitro RC Truck?

Nitro RC Trucks can be purchased at any number of hobby shops. One should call a local hobby shop to inquire about this product or visit Nitro RCX or Tower Hobbies online.

Where can one purchase a Nitro RC Buggy?

One can buy a Nitro RC Buggy at many different toy and hobby stores including RC Hobby Models and The Entertainer. They can also be found online at Nitrotek, eBay and Amazon.

Is the Exceed Infinity - Nitro Off Road RC Truck good?

it could be

Where can you buy inexpensive RC Nitro cars?

RC Nitro has the one speed nitro rc buggy for $119. See the related links below for two other sites you can buy inexpensive RC Nitro cars.

Where could one purchase parts for an RC monster truck?

Parts for RC monster trucks are available from many hobby stores and websites. A Main Hobbies is one of the leading websites in RC monster truck parts and is a good place to purchase them.

What is the best RC short course truck?

Nitro - Team Associated SC8 Electric - Traxxas Slash

What is the average price for a RC truck?

For a good hobby grade truck look to spend about 150 and up for electric and 300 and up for nitro

Where can one purchase electric RC cars online?

You can purchase Electric RC Cars online at Hobby Tron. They have many to choose from including - Nitro RC Cars, Fast RC Cars and Cheap RC Cars. Raden Tech also sells RC Cars including Collectible Licensed RC Cars.

What is the difference between a petrol or a nitro RC car?

One difference is that a nitro RC car runs on nitromethane and a petrol one runs on a mixture of petrol or gasoline and oil. Another is a nitro RC car will run longer on a gallon of fuel.

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