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Acetylene torches can be purchased in person or online. Websites such as eBay allow users to bid on and purchase these type of torches. Department stores like Wal-Mart also carries these torches in their stores.

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Q: Where can one purchase an acetylene torch?
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Acetylene Torch?

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Can you use acetylene torch for silfoss?


How can an oxygen-acetylene torch burn underwater?

a flame needs a source which is provided by oxygen and acetylene

What color is acetylene hoses?

In normal usage in an oxy/acetylene cutting torch, the acetylene hose is red and the oxygen hose is green.

What is acetylene welding?

Acetylene welding is a process in which like metals are joined by heating them to their melting temperature with an oxy-acetylene flame produced by a torch.

How hot can a cutting torch get?

Oxygen Acetylene torch will get to 5800-6300 degrees Fahrenheit easily.

Can a propane regulator be used with an acetylene tank?

yes it can but apparently isn't ideal. we run acetylene regs on our propane torch.

What fuel is used for sweating plumbing pipes?

An acetylene or propane torch.

How do you braze metal?

You use an acetylene torch and special brazing rods.

Which gas burns the hottest when cutting torch is used?

oxygen supports the combustion of the gas that one uses in the welding/cutting torch. Acetylene combined with Oxygen produces the hottest flame.

Explain oxy- acetylene welding process?

Oxygen and acetylene tanks feed into your torch. When opened, the gases will mix in a chamber in the torch, then flow out of the torch tip. Using a spark lighter, they will ignite causing a flame. This flame can be adjusted to a neutral flame by moving the knobs on the tank regulators.

Where can one purchase a police torch?

One can purchase a police torch online from websites that sell patrol appliances such as patrolstore, amazon, torchdirect, etc. Those are usually stores one can find a suitable torch for themselves.