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AIM and Yahoo Messenger both allow users to send free text messages using their Messenger service. People can also send free text messages using Skype.

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Which services allow a user to send text messages for free?

One service that allows a user to send Text Message for free is the Text Em website. Another option is to send free text messages from the Text for Free website.

How can one send an SMS message on a PC?

To send a text or SMS message from a PC one can try one of these free services for all carriers: Txt2day, Txtdrop, Free Web SMS: Sanity Software and Matezap.

How can one send text messages?

One can send text messages by opening up the appropriate text icon on their phone and choosing who one wants to send a message to. Then one simply writes the message using the keypad and presses send.

How may a person send a text message from a computer?

There are many sites that allow you to send text messages for free from your computer. One of the most popular is a site called textem, another is called talkandroid.

How does one send a text message?

To send a text message, select the messaging icon on your phone. Then select a recipient and tap the empty box below. It'll give you an input keyboard where you can tap in your message. After that, just tap send.

What is the advantage of twittering over text messaging?

It's free and you can send the same message to more than one person at once.

If someones sends you a text message and you open do you waste minutes?

Yes, it does use your minutes to open a text message andsend one.

Where can one find a way to send free SMS text messages?

One can send free SMS text messages if their data plan allows it, or they can download an app onto one of their devices that can send messages for free.

How can one send free texts from the O2 website?

In order to send free texts from the O2 website, you must have an O2 online account. Depending on the type of account you have, you can send between 10 and 500 free texts each month.To send the free texts, sign into your O2 account and click on "Send a free text message," which will allow you to enter a cell phone number that will receive the text.

Can I send a sms text message to an Apple iPod?

You sure can. You will need one of the applications available on the iPod for free SMS Text messaging. You can find these in your application library on the phone.

What is mass texting?

when you send a text message to more than one person.

If you send someone a text do they get charged for receiving it?

If you send a message you lose money if you receive one no money is lost.

How do you send one text message to a group of people?

when you are choosing who to send the text to after you add one contact stay in the top box and just add another number or contact

Is it illegal to send a prank text message?

no unless it is threatening some one or if it scares the person

What are some ways to text online?

There are a number of third party companies that will allow one to input their phone number, the recipients phone number, and the text message in order to send a text online. A few of these companies are Online Text Message, Text 'Em, Text 2 Day, and Text For Free. Google also has this capability if you have your phone registered with Google and you use Google Voice.

Does emoji cost extra in text message with the iPhone?

One Emoji emoticon takes up about 70 characters. This means that if you send a very long message then add Emoji it may see as two messages. So no it does not cost extra to send an emoji in a text message.

How would one go about sending a text message on an iPhone?

Sending text message on an iPhone is pretty easy. First the user should go to the green icon where it said SMS, the tap the icon like an paper with an pencil, add the person number and then the text message. Finally click the send button and it will be send.

How can one send a test message from a computer?

Persons can use Yahoo Messenger to send a text message on a computer. Log in to Yahoo . Enter Yahoo Messenger, and click "Actions" and then click "Send an SMS Message". Choose a contact and click "Ok".

If you send a text message to multiple people are you charged for one text or each person it is sent to?

don't text, read a book _______________ Depends on your cell phone plan. Usually one text per contact

I want to reply to a text message how do you do that?

You go to your messages, open the one you want to reply to and then type the message you want to send to them. Then you press 'ok' and it will have sent.

How can one send a text to a mobile phone?

First, one must select the main menu on their phone. Then, select messages or SMS. Select Create New Message. Type the target of your text, or select it from a drop down menu. Finally, type your message and press the send button.

Where can one find free text messaging online?

Sending a text message from a computer to a cell phone has become a free service in recent years through a variety of private websites. It is also possible to sign in to the website of your cell phone service and use your account to send a text message. However, with this method, standard rates may apply depending on your cell phone provider.

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