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It's the standard color for Bell Mobility in Canada, and Virgin Mobile in the USA.

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i have an LG 260 and my friend has an LG RUMOR and i think the only difference is the name lol. Seriously

yes cus i have a green lg rumor

If you mean the Lg Rumor then no it hasn't been discontinued. Lg actually just came out with the Lg rumor 2

The lg rumor 2 is more new and there is a difference the lg rumor 2 is thiner then the lg rumor and the lg rumor 2 has a smiley face button so if you are texting and you want a face you click on the smiley face and alot of faces come up so you can choose one and the keyboard is better.

It comes in: White and lime green Black and Blue

lg rumor touch definately much easier to use and awesome features

how do you get the greeting banner off of a lg rumor plus

LG Rumor - phone - was created in 2007.

i am 100% sure that virgin mobile and bell have the LG Rumor.

Well, I have an LG rumor 2, and the only thing I don't like about tit is that mine doesn't have a video recorder. But iv'e heard the LG rumor has it :p (POOR ME) !!!!!

Black Titanium, Vibrant Blue, and Orange are the only colours that i know of.

i think that it's cooler in red, but that is just my opinion.

No. There is no way possible to play You Tube on the LG Rumor 2. Hopefully soon will work for the Rumor 2.

the rumor touch does have a touch screen.

Yes the LG Scoop and LG Rumor are the same. The only reason they have different names is because different phone companies rename it. I have the phone, and I have it through alltel, so its considered the LG Scoop. But one of my friends have it through Sprint and its considered the LG Rumor. Hope this helps!g

You may obtain access to a user manual for the LG Rumor Touch on the LG website, Virgin Mobile USA ( and Sprint ( provide access to user guides on their websites.

No, It was replaced with the lg cosmos

No, but it the LG Rumor2 and LG Cosmos both use the same skins. I would know this because I have the Rumor2. You can trust me. Hope this helps. -Present321

Pop the battery out. That's the only way to reset a frozen LG Rumor.

No, because LG is the most idiotic company ever. Funny how the original Rumor can though..

Usually, a new LG Rumor Touch only comes with a manual, the phone, and the wall charger

how do i unfreeze a lg rumor touch that when i turn it on only the rumor touch pops up and says please waitin and thats the onlt thing that happens

You need to change the ringtone file format to .3g2 And use the usb that your phone came with

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