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The ocean.

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Are piranhas found in saltwater?


Where is saltwater?

salt water is found in the sea. Saltwater can also be called brine.

Is a stingray a saltwater fish?

Stingrays can be found in saltwater habitats. A few species (such as the Niger stingray) can be found in freshwater environments.

Which of these is an ecosystem with very shallow saltwater found where rivers empty into oceans?

Saltwater Marsh

What fish can found at saltwater?


The ecosystem with very shallow saltwater found where rivers empty into oceans is called a?

saltwater marsh A+

Which is an ecosystem with very shallow saltwater found where rivers empty into oceans?

saltwater marsh I do believe ^_^

When did Chicane release the song 'Saltwater'?

The artist Chicane released the song "Saltwater" in 1999 as a single. The complete lyrics to the song "Saltwater" may be found on the website Metro Lyrics.

Where is saltwater found?

oceans and salt lakes

Where is saltwater found on earth?

In the seas and oceans.

Which continent is the saltwater crocodile found?


What is plankton found?

both freshwater and saltwater

Where are ghost shrimp found in the wild?

well saltwater ghost shrimp can be found ANYWHERE there is saltwater really. i dont know about freshwater ones though.

What saltwater fish starts with the letter Q?

The queen angelfish is a saltwater fish. It is found in the western Atlantic Ocean.

What two resources are found from the ocean?

saltwater and seaweed

Is flounder a saltwater fish?

They are found in the Mississippi river

Are coral reefs found in freshwater or saltwater?


Where is a starfish's habatat?

A stafish is found in saltwater only.

Where are most algae found?

in fresh water and saltwater

How long can a saltwater crocodile get?

Saltwater crocodiles can be over 6.3 metres (21ft) and that's the longest size scientists have found.

Do euglena live in saltwater or freshwater?

They are usually found in freshwater

Where can manatees mainly be found?

in saltwater all oceans

Are desmids freshwater or saltwater or both?

They are found on the stratosphere of the atmosphere.

What are 2 poisonous saltwater fish?

Toadfish, and the Scorpion Fish, are both poisonous saltwater fish. Both are found in tropical waters.

Where is most of the earths saltwater found?

About 97% of the salt water are found on Earth. These are located in the oceans.