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That really all depends on what you want in the computer and if you want one new or used. Also important is what you mean by cheap. Dell typically has very low cost computers but at a cost. Celeron versus Pentium, less memory, less HD space, etc. It is all a tradeoff, but if by cheap you really mean CHEAP, then a 399 Dell is one way to go. If you already have a monitor you can use, you can even go to Dell's outlet site and browse the computers they sell as just the tower. They will usually have better specifications but no monitor included. They may or may not also be "refurbished". All that means is that either it went out and was sent back for a minor problem like a blown fan, unseated memory, etc. that the new owner didn't want to deal with, or that it somehow made it out of the warehouse onto a truck and was cancelled before it got to it's destination. Once a PC leaves their dock that's it. If it comes back for ANY reason they mark it "refurbished". So that shouldn't deter you. I've had mine for about 5 years now with no problems. I will say this though, Dell has gone through a lot of changes in the parts they use since I bought mine. Make sure that if cheap isn't your only motivation you consider ALL options. There are also few other ways of putting real CHEAP word in your bag by catching coupon codes, promotional offers and also keep your eyes on good bargain sites. Below shown are few good bargain sites.

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Q: Where can someone find a cheap computer?
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keeep it with self

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