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There are many places where someone can find ideas on wedding party gifts. One can find ideas on wedding party gifts at popular on the web sources such as Exclusively Weddings and Etsy.


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Gifts are not customary at an engagement party because they are expected at the wedding and etiquette dictates that those who are invited to an engagement party should be invited to the wedding. If you choose to give a gift you can but it is not required or expected.

that is not necessary, attendance at a weddingand/or any wedding gifts are always optional regardless of your relationship to the wedding party

No, there is no order in handing out weddinggifts. Some people may drop off or mail a wedding gift to the home of the bride; other people will bring the wedding gifts to the wedding reception and usually the gifts are not opened at wedding reception (parents will take the wedding gifts home with them while the bride and groom go off on their wedding night) and some married couples will wait a day or two and have a 'gift opening party' either at their home or at their parents home.

I think if you invite someone to an engagement party that they will feel expected to go to the wedding. So if you invite them to the party then invite them to the wedding or just don't invite them to either I would say.

A thank you note can be given for different circumstances. A wedding party can send thank you notes to people who attended their wedding and presented them with gifts. Notes can be sent in appreciation for Christmas or graduation gifts. They can even be send as a simple gesture of gratitude to an individual.

One example of a wedding party favor is a candle holder, and another is a bookmark. Both examples are easily customizable and are relatively inexpensive gifts.

Going on vacations and sending them lots of gifts.

Photographs of wedding reception table centerpieces and party decorations. We provide floral and crystal wedding centerpieces and other ideas for modern reception decorating.

It can be correct to say that all gifts are welcomed if it is a party for a wedding, birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, or some other party. Accepting all kinds of gifts is a tradition celebrated by many.

Some examples of party favors are giving gifts such as silverware, gift cards, dishes, candles, soaps, candy, chocolate and many other small types of gifts.

Personalized wine bottles are always a good way to go. Unique rock finds with the persons same on it as their place setting is a good way to put your own touch on gifts.

Before - Wedding Ceremony After - Wedding Reception After Party

Not the Wedding party, but they are part of the wedding.

Gay or straight; a gay wedding party is simply called 'a wedding party' whether it is all men or all women in the wedding party.

Popular wedding party favors include small gifts like picture frames. Many couples also give guests a small gift that has been personalized with the bride and groom's names and the date of their wedding as a way for guests to commemorate the occasion.

Yes. Marriage license can be filed in California and the wedding can be in NJ

Wedding Reception Birthday Bachelor(ette) Party Retirement Graduation

Any party shop, crafts supplies shop are excellent resources (you can also get a lot of craft tips on wedding ideas)

Wat is the rrect wedding party line up for the wedding party, as they enter the recepion hall???

Presumably there was a reason it wasn't done originally. Give the gifts, with a note saying something like, "We are sorry we could not thank you with a gift at the time of the wedding. We wanted you to have this, belated though it is, to thank you for being an important part of our happy day."

There are plenty of places to get great wedding accessories to match your theme to a tee. Try the following sites: and

Some great ideas would be to have them renew their vows and to have live music. Live music is always fun.

Holiday Party Ideas are ideas that are specialized for a party that is specific to a holiday. For example, holiday party ideas for a Christmas party may include snowman decorations.

When I was engaged, I did not receive any engagement gifts. I do not know of any of my friends who received engagement gifts either. I think that a good replacement to an engagement gift would be a gift for their bridal shower or bachelor party in addition to a wedding gift.

Pingu at the Wedding Party was created in 2000.

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