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To find the best insurance to acquire when traveling to Australia one should use comparison sites which will compare the prices of all the insurance companies to find one the lowest quote. One can use 'Money Supermarket' or 'Go Compare'.

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Where can someone looking to purchase contents insurance find a broker in Australia?

There are many places in the country of Australia where one could broker contents insurance. One of the best places to get insurance in Australia would be IAG.

How can someone acquire chicago life insurance?

"To acquire life insurance in Chicago one should call or visit online various life insurance companies and apply for a quote. Some popular companies include Prudential, Riehn (located in Chicago) and State Farm."

Where can one purchase visitor insurance when travelling to the USA?

If someone where interested in purchasing visitor insurance for when they were traveling to the USA they could most likely check into an online insurance broker such as Lonely Planet.

Where can one acquire cheap car insurance for 17 year olds?

Cheap car insurance can be found at some of the insurance companies that specialise in insuring learner drivers. One of these is Cornhill who will insure someone for 4 weeks for less than å£100.

Can a licensed driver who doesn't own a car acquire insurance to drive anyone's car?

At least in Canada you can not. -The owner of the car has to have insurance stating that someone else can drive their car. I imagine this law may differ from country to country.

Where can someone get car insurance online?

There are a variety of options to acquire car insurance online. Major insurance companies such as Progressive, Nationwide, and Geico offer online options for getting car insurance. Other lesser known companies such as Crew Union also offer car insurance online, so there are many options at one's disposal.

What are green slips used for in Australia?

In Australia, the term "green slip" is used to describe a type of insurance policy. It provides you with accident coverage in case you or someone driving your car are involved in an accident.

Where can someone get a quote for building insurance?

Someone can get a quote for building insurance from a number of insurance companies such as Allstate Insurance. Allstate Insurance provides a number of insurance products for both consumers and businesses.

How can someone from Australia meet the Jonas brothers?

they could vist Australia or someone from Australia could vist America

How might someone acquire Acute Lukemia?

Acute Lukemia is not something you can just acquire or catch like a cold. Several symptoms that someone may have Acute Lukemia is weight loss, tiredness and night sweats.

Where can one find cheaper van insurance?

Someone looking for cheaper van insurance can find it online. By searching online, Statefarm, Geico and other insurance sites, someone can find the cheapest van insurance.

How can someone 17 acquire cigs?

I suggest that you do not aquire them at all...they are nails in your coffin

Can get your car out of the pound with your friends traders insurance?

No, the insurance has to be on your car not someone elses.

Where can someone get motor insurance?

A person can go to www.statefarm.com to secure automobile insurance.

How could someone over 50 years old get life insurance?

Someone over 50 years old can get life insurance by checking with insurance agencies. Insurance agencies like Metlife and ColonialPen offer insurance to those over the age of 50.

Can someone take out a life insurance policy on someone that they do not know?

Why in the world would anyone want to pay that much money for an insurance policy if they did not know the person? Life insurance is expensive.

Will liability insurance pay off your vehicle if it is totaled?

Your own liability insurance will never pay for the damage to your property or for your medical expenses. Your collision insurance pays for damage to your property, if it is your fault. Your Uninsured Motorist Insurance or Underinsured Motorist Insurance pays for damage to your property if caused by someone else who is uninsured or under-insured. Your liability insurance will pay for the damage to someone else's property or for someone else's medical expenses, if it is your fault. Someone else's liability insurance will pay for the damage to your property or for your medical expenses, if it is their fault.

If you don't have car insurance and was hit by someone else can you sue them and the insurance company?

You might want to be careful here. Some states have steep fines and worse for someone that drives without insurance.

Why the first year commission is so high in insurance?

It represents convincing someone to buy insurance in the first place. Once someone has had insurance for a year, they'll probably just keep renewing.

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