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Purchasing traveler's insurance is a good idea, no matter what type of trip you are taking. Backpackers can purchase travel insurance easily through most travel agents. Many Canadian banks also offer a full range of insurance including travel insurance.

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Q: Where can someone go to obtain backpacking insurance?
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What is insure and go?

Ensure and go is a travel insurance that covers different kinds of travels. Backpacking across the globe, short trip insurance. They offer their services at a cheap rate.

Where can someone go to obtain life insurance coverage that includes critical illness?

To obtain life insurance coverage that includes critical illness, one can compare prices and insurance policies through third-party websites such as MoneySupermarket and LV.

Where can someone go to obtain landlord liability insurance?

If someone wants to get landlord liability insurance then they can contact their normal house insurance company. Large companies such as Aviva and Cornell will do landlord policies and it is a good idea for any landlord to be fully insured.

Is there a way to obtain someone's homeowners insurance after a fall if they are not willing to provide it?

You cannot go behind someone's back and file a claim on their insurance. If it is a major injury you can file suit and they will have to provide it to their insurance company so that the insurance company will defend them or settle the claim. This is to force the issue.

Where could one find the best low cost option for world travel insurance for backpacking?

Money Supermarket can be used to compare different insurance quotes for backpacking. Insure and Go is generally considered to be the cheapest but individual requirements vary so another provider may turn out to be cheaper.

Should you go backpacking?


Where should I apply to get backpacker travel insurance?

You can go to an insurance agency and find out what to do. I believe you dont have to apply in Europe since it is just a visit or a trip. But if you lived in Europe and you would be backpacking then yes you would get it there. But as long as you have the insurance where you live, then you are fine.

What are two ways an individual may obtain insurance?

You may obtain insurance several ways. The most popular now being online. Simply go to a search engine and type in insurance and you will be provided with a multitude of choices. You may also obtain insurance through an insurance sale person.

How do you obtain a copy of insurance id card?

usually you just go to your insurance companies website and print a proof of insurance card

Where in Ohio can someone go to get a individual dental insurance plan?

One can obtain individual dental insurance plans in Ohio by visiting the 'Anthem' website. One can find further information on the website as well as different plans.

How can someone traveling internationally obtain travel insurance for over 65 years of age?

There are plenty of places that seniors can receive the insurance. One place that makes it easy for those over 65 can go to

Where can someone get motor insurance?

A person can go to to secure automobile insurance.

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