Best Answer is a great place for any old apple monitors. Not only can you get rid of an old monitor, you get cash in the process! It is an internet site so just search Google for it. Other things such as cds, dvds and games can also be recycled here. Doesn't that sound great?

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Q: Where can someone recycle Apple Monitors?
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Where could someone find replacement cords for an Apple monitor?

Replacement cords for Apple monitors are easy to find. They use the same cord that PC monitors use. These cords can be purchased through Apple, but can also be found at Best Buy or Amazon, for example.

what to do with old monitors that are in working condition?

Recycle them with Gr Tradings Recycling Program.

Do all Lcd monitors work on apple computers?

No Apple computers require certain ports and plug in cables that not all tcd monitors come with.

What types of accessories does Apple sell for its monitors?

Newer apple monitors are compatable with cable t.v. and can be hooked up to projectors so these accories (including a remote) are out there.

where can I recycle computer monitors in Bucks County PA?

A-Plus Industry, Inc. accepts computer monitors for both recycling and repair. Their facilities are in Allentown and they can be contacted at 610-821-5550.

What other monitors besides Apple's can be used with MacBooks?

simple answer ALL!

What do you do with an old iPod?

Apple provide a recycling service. You can send it to them free of charge and they'll recycle it for you. Similarly, if you take it to an Apple store to recycle, you will be provided with a 10% discount. Alternatively, you can sell your iPod.

What is the Dell Recycle program?

As such, Dell has created the Dell Recycle program in which it attempts to lessen the impact of obsolete computers, keyboards, mice, monitors, and printers that might otherwise end up in landfills.

Who sang the jingle for apple different color monitors?

colors by kira willey

What size monitor does an apple mac have?

Most Mac monitors run on 1080p.

Does goodwil take computer monitors?

Yes as long as it works. If it is broken you can recycle it with HP or dell. They give you a shipping label to mail it to them.

Are Mac and PC monitors different?

No. The companies that manufacture monitors for Apple also manufacture monitors for HP and Sony, as well as others. HP, Sony, and Apple computers are often made in the same factory complex. You have to compare specific models against specific models in order to say which one has the best monitor.