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ac or exhuast

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You used water in your leaking radiator for 2 monthscan this damage the thermostat in a caravan 2002?

Running it while leaking can cause it to overheat repeatedly, which can cause thermostat damage , along with other problems.

Why would a 03' Chevy silverado radiator be cold on one end cap and hot on the other?

It has not had time to go through the whole radiator

How do you repair a coolant leak on a Pontiac Grand Am?

First, you must find out WHERE it's leaking. If it's a radiator hose or heater hose, replace the hose. If it's a water pump leak, replace the water pump. If it's a leaking radiator, take it to a radiator shop and have the radiator replaced or repaired. If it's a freeze plug, head gasket or other leak, you'll need more serious repairs.

Will a 2001 ignition switch fit the 2000 Chevy Tracker?

Yes, the 2001 ignition switch for a 2000 Chevrolet Tracker will fit just fine. Other years the switch fits are 1999 to 2004.

What is something you could do if your radiator is leaking engine coolant?

your local auto zone or other parts store should have somthing you put in your radiator to plug it but this is only temporary if the hole gets any more than somthing like a pinhole you will have to replace the radiator

Chevy Tracker tire size?

My Manual says to get the info off the drivers side post. No other info .Sorry Regards HHH

What could be wrong if your 93 chev silver is leaking coolant you notice it dripping after starting it in 15 below zero temps?

Try to find out where it's coming from. Often coolant will leak down the front of the water pump, under the pulley. Even if you don't see the coolant, look for the mineral trace of the water. By the time you notice a leaky water pump it has usually been leaking for a while and has left a noticeable trail. If you don't notice coolant leaking there, check other places, freeze plugs, the sides of the radiator, radiator and heater hoses... Again, the coolant and water minerals typically leave a nice bright trace to tell you where it's leaking. If the radiator is leaking, don't try to fix it yourself and certainly don't put stop leak or any other chemicals in it. Either replace the radiator or take it to a radiator shop and have THEM repair it properly.

Where is the radiator drain plug on Chevy Trailblazer?

In a 2002 trailblazer it is located on the bottom of the radiator one the passenger side. Every other model year to my knowlege does not have drain plug.

What kind of freon do I put in a 2002 Chevy Tracker?

R134a, just like any other vehicle for that model year.

What are the lines going from the radiator to the rear of a 1999 Chevy Suburban?

It there on the passenger side of the radiator then there TRANSMISSION coolant lines and they hook to the transmission. If there on the other side then there OIL cooler lines for the engine.

Why would a Chevy tracker blow out gray smoke only when driving 55 mph?

Grey smoke can actually be one, of two things. A lean misfire condition, which will cause the engine to surge at cruising speeds, which would seem like a skip, or miss. The other would be if it were steam, like water leaking into the cylinder, and burning. You would have to be adding water to replace that is leaking into the cylinder, and it would hot, from time to time.

What causes top radiator to burst?

Weak solder joint when mfg.? Excessive water pressure due to: 1) Bad radiator cap 2) Plugged radiator 3) Thermostat not opening 4) By-pass hose crimped or plugged 5) Leaking head gasket(s) Possibly the radiator hose was weak. So in other words, a bad radiator hose.

You have antifreeze leaking around the water outlet of a 95 2.3L achieva what does the water outlet do?

The water outlet, also called a petcock is located near the lowest point in the cooling system and is used to drain coolant from the engine. The petcock typically has wings, which are designed for better grip when turning the valve. If coolant is leaking from this point, it may be the petcock is partially opened and might need only to be closed completely to stop the leaking. The petcock is press-fitted into the bottom of the radiator. A leak around the petcock can be caused by a crack around the collar or a solder joint that has broken. Have a radiator shop pressure test the radiator to make sure there are no other problems with the radiator, such as other cracks. During a pressure test air is pumped into the radiator and then it is dunked into a water tank. Air bubbles escaping from the radiator indicate leak sites and will need to be repaired. --mark

Why is a 1999 Tracker leaking oil?

Most likely suspect: Rear Main Seal,, pull motor to fix... but before ya do that, check other items that may be loose, cracked, etc.

What light indicators come on when ignition switch is turned on?

the radiator was replaced and the fluids are still evaporating or leaking out somehow. what other options could be wrong with the car overheating?

What is the spark plug gap for a 1992 Chevy astro?

.035" Check other tuning information as listed on the radiator fan shroud.

Your 1997 Chevy Malibu is leaking water into the oil but no other signs of a blown head gasket is present What else could it be?

Intake manifold gasket

Why does my 2000 Chevy Venture get a lot of hot gunk on the radiator cap and in the radiator is it just the thermostat or is the radiator corroded?

Try to determine the substance: i.e. Transmission fluid (bad radiator) Engine oil (bad head gasket) Try flushing the cooling system and tracking other fluid levels

Where is the thermostat on a 5.7 Chevy Silverado?

Follow the top radiator hose, fronm the radiator, to where it ends at the motor. This housing, that has two bolts, accross from each other, holding it down, is the housing for it. Remove the two bolts, and there it is.

Where is the thermostat on a 2005 jaguar located?

Whether with the Chevy 350 or no, the thermostat is at the other end of the large hose that enters the radiator from the top; in the top of the engine block. Just follow the hose from the radiator to the thermostat housing.

To remove radiator support auto part from vehicle.?

I have two 1993 Chevy caprice and trying to remove the two front fenders from one of the cars to replace on the other car and also the radiator support that holds the head lamps to the other car. can you give me the bolt pattern on how to remove the two fenders and the radiator support.

How do you put together the rear breaks for a 2002 Chevy Tracker ZR2 4 wheel drive?

one at a time, so you can go back to copy what's on the other side

Why does my 2003 Chevy Tracker with 20 engine die after it gets hot but restarts OK after cooling for 10 minutes?

how about checking to see if you need a new thermostat in your radiator for the first step, also make sure you have plenty of radiator fluid, also you may need an oil change, this includes your oil filter, also could be due time for a tune up, belts, as well as all other filters could cause problems in your vehicle. but if your engine is dying after its hot and okay after cooling for a few its most likely a radiator/thermostat problem.

Why does the coolant boil in the surge tank but the temp gauge don't go to hot on a 1994 Chevy Caprice?

It could be that the radiator cap is not able to maintain pressure. Check the radiator cap for cracks or any other damage. Replace if necessary. DO NOT remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot.

How do you remove and install a radiator on a 1992 Chevy baretta?

It is simple. Remove all hoses and tubing connections. Remove radiator retaning bolts -screws or other. Take the old one out and put the new radiator in it's place Now reconnect all things disconnected earlier.