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idk look it up its not hard well go on go on buy phones and it shows phones like that and good luck

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What are collectors paying for a Motorola brick cell phones cost in 100 years?


What is the best cell phone for under $100?

There are several great phones under $100 dollars. One of the most popular phones for less than $100, is the LG chocolate, and the LG rumor cell phones.

How many cell phones does ATT have in service?

AT&T has more than 100 cell phones and smartphones available.

How much did cell phones cost in 1990?

100 pound

How many different types of cell phones are there?

100 billion

How much do you depend on your cell phones?

all the time 100%

What are the dimensions of the smallest cell phones ever built?

it is 100

What pictures of cell phones 100 years ago?

Cell phones have only existed since 1973. See the Related Link below.

How much is the Motorla T720 cell phone in May 2013?

The Motorola T720 cell phone's price varies depending on the seller. As the phone is relatively recent, the current market price for the Motorola T720 is about $100.

How many cell phones are in use in the US now?

100 million

How much is the least expensive att cell phone?

ATT has cell phones at around $15 to $100.

Which video cell phone produces the best quality videos?

Cell phones that are in the $100 or more have the best quality.

What percentage of teenagers with phones text?

Very very very many 100% A teenager with a cell phone will be texting, some not so much, most inseparable from their cell phones.

What is percent of US kids with cell phones send texts?

My guess would be 100% of kids at 100% of the time!

When did using cell phones become common?

Between 1998 and 2001, more than 100 million cell phones were sold. By the end of the 90's, more than 70 million users existed. At the end of 2000, there were over 100 million subscribers, so the 2000's is the decade that cell phones became common.

What is the average amount of car accidents due to cell phone use?

out of every 100 - 50% are due to cell phones

My Motorola prepaid cell phone quit working, It says due date 1/1/1 and it is 3/29/2009 Ihave about 100 minutes left on a 120 minute card advise me as what to do?

It appears that you need to contact the service provider of your cell phone. All cell phones have a customer service number which can assist you with phone errors and correcting your airtime balance.

Did cell phones change over the past 100 years?

Yes, but they haven't been around over 100 years yet

Cost of new Motorola?

Motorola does offer great phones that are reliable and long lasting. As for the prices, it can be widely variable depending on the features of the phone, and how recently it came out. Some models can be as little as $23, and newer more advanced models can be well over $100. Check out the Motorola website to see what catches your eye and fits your budget.

Why do many people think a cell phone is all they need?

Good question! Cell phones are NOT 100% reliable, because you always have to recharge them. Also, I think it's dangerous not to have a landline, because cell phones break, and can get lost or stolen.

How much does a cell phone cost?

Depends on what type of cell phone it is or what brand it is. Well most phones cost over 100 dollars.

How many people die a year from cell phones?

about 100 people a year. about 1000 people a year.

What is the weight of the packaging for a cell phone?

it depends on type of phone like before 2000 the phones were heavy but now phones are slim and weight like 100 g

What is the price of an iPhone from Verizon?

Verizon Wireless does not have the IPhone. However they do have the Droid phones. The Motorola Droid on a new two year contract is 300 minus the 100 mail in rebate. The Droid by Eris is 200 minus the 100 mail in rebate.

Should elementary students be permitted to have cell phones?

Yes, But Its Up To Their Parents. If Its Needed Then Its 100% YES!! =D

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