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Where can you buy Cherry Shrimp?

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A great place to find Red Cherry Shrimp is as well as

There is also a lot of information on the Red Cherry Shrimp posted on as well as on the forum

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How can you make cherry shrimp?

You can make cherry shrimp by cooking shrimp and adding red sauce to it. It is called cherry shrimp because the sauce is as red as a cherry fruit and is shiny.

Is Cherry shrimp caridean shrimp?

No, their genus is Neocaridina, the species is N. heteropoda. Update: 'Caridean' refers to belonging to the infraorder 'Caridea', not the genus 'Caridina'. Therefore, Cherry shrimp are caridean shrimp.

Where can you buy red cherry shrimp in Yonkers New York?

You can look for local breeders. I live in New York and honestly the best way to get cherry shrimp is online from reputable breeders since there aren't many New York breeders.

Can red cherry shrimp live with cow fish?

oh yeah, and im alex, cheese and tomato Cowfish and red cherry shrimp can't live together. Red Cherry Shrimp live in fresh water and cowfish are marine fish.

Do sword tail fish eat cherry shrimp?


Are fire shrimp freshwater?

Fire shrimp live in salt water. A good red-coloured freshwater shrimp species is the cherry red shrimp(Neocardina Heteropoda.)

How do you get the bread off of shrimp fast?

Don't buy breaded shrimp.

Where do you buy cherry limeade?

I buy mine from Tesco, you can get cherry and lime version, be warned, the cherry makes your tongue pink and the lime green.

Where can you buy brine shrimp eggs?

You can buy them at pet/pet food stores because brine shrimp eggs are sold as fish food. Or you can buy them online.

Can cherry barbs live peacefully with ghost shrimp?

Hell No! that other will eat that ghost shrinp.

Why do people keep cherry red shrimp?

They are pretty and relatively easy to care for compared to a fish.

Where do you buy brine shrimp?

You can buy them at local pet stores

Can shrimp be used as pets?

Shrimps can be made into pets. Technically, this is still aquaculture even if you won't eat your own pets. However ensure that you will provide an environment that is suitable for the type of shrimp you want to rear.

Can you put a cherry shrimp with a fish?

If the shrimp fits into the fish's mouth it will probably be eaten. They can be kept with smaller fish, like guppies, easily, and will clean algae off the tank.

Do shrimp live in salt water better?

Saltwater shrimp live better in saltwater such as peppermint, brine, skunk, fire, camel, etc. Freshwater shrimp would eventually perish in a salt environment such as ghost, bamboo, cherry, etc.

How many lbs shrimp is equal to 48 jumbo shrimp?

There are usually numbers that describe the size of shrimp. These numbers tell you approximately how many shrimp are in one pound. The larger the shrimp, the fewer it takes to make a pound. Ask the seller where you plan to buy the shrimp what the "count" of the shrimp is for the size you want. They can tell you how many shrimp will be in one pound. The largest shrimp I've purchased were (10-16) size. That meant there were from 10 to 16 shrimp in one pound. If you buy that type of shrimp, you'd need about 4 or 5 pounds to be sure you had 48 shrimp.

How much does a pound of shrimp cost?

Where i live you could buy 1.5 lbs of shrimp for 8-12$

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How do you tell if shrimp is fresh?

You can tell if shrimp is fresh because it won't smell fishy, it will be plump and translucent. Most shrimp is frozen first that you buy in the grocery store.

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