Where can you buy Wayfarer Sunglasses?


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A number of places, for example,, or your favorite department store. Use a search engine, for example,, and type in the search box "buy Wayfarer Sunglasses"


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Joe's sunglasses are White Ray Ban Wayfarer, Nick's are Red Ray Ban Wayfarer.AnswerAmerican Apparel I just went there, they don't have those type of sunglasses.

Wayfarer Sunglasses were first introduced in 1952 by the Ray-Ban Company.

Wayfarer is referring to sunglasses manufactured by Ray-Ban. Wayfarer is the best selling design sunglasses in history, it is a classic of modern design in the 20th century.

There is not a Wayfarer brand of sunglasses. Wayfarer is a style of sunglasses that is quite different from the Aviator style. They are more square in shape and have plastic frames and earpieces. They were very much in style in the 70's and 80's and are now back in style.

Jack Nicholson is wearing a Rayban wayfarer!!!!

Wayfarer styles were popular in the 80's as well as aviators sunglasses.

RB2140 (RAYBAN) Original Wayfarer

A great place to look for Ray Ban sunglasses is on line. You can find a great selection including Ray Ban aviators, wayfarer sunglasses and Ray Ban caravan. It just takes a bit of searching for the right price to suit you.

Sebastian was wearing Vuarnet PX 3000 Wayfarer Inspired Sunglasses.

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This is a very good question. I'm a rich person so I know what I'm talking about-- well the wayfarer sunglasses are way hotter and stylish than the aviators. The wayfarer series never goes out of style.. I have a 349 dollar pair and they're very " hot " in today's world of fashion. Also I would like to mention if you're going to buy some Ray-Bans, pay the money and get the polarized shades.... Most Ray-Ban polarized Wayfarer sunglasses range from $169- $ 194. Depending on what you want yo spend, you'll get some long lasting shades Ps. I have the whole collection so trust me & get the polarized. They look better

they're Ray Bans i just bought some at the local mall in the sunglass hut u can buy them anywhere that sells designer sunglasses. They're called White Wayfarer sunglasses and you can find the same pair of Joe Jonas wears at

Go to amazon and look it up, they have some reakky cool glasses.

ugh i wish i knew... he is HOT. end.of.storyy(: Justin Bieber does wear alot of different kinds of sunglasses. However, he wears Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer (in black and white) alot. Those are the most easily accessible for fans to buy. His other sunglasses, some of them, are custom made.

Mr Robert Pattinson wears black Ray Ban sunglasses, and the style is called Wayfarer[sorry if the spelling is wrong :D]

Right now, Ray Ban sunglasses are very popular in the UK, especially the 'Wayfarer' style, as well as the aviator style. Also, Oakley sunglasses are rather popular.

Serengeti Wayfarer Oxford Clubmasters model 6277F

In Twilight he wears the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer, which has become insanely popular in Hollywood this year. People are obsessed with the classic trademark of the sunglasses.

At you can buy Silhoutte sunglasses

Adam Brody wears the popular Ray Ban Wayfarer and I must say it looks good!

Wayfarer Only Belushi wore Ray Ban Wayfarers. Aykroyds were different. Wish I knew what they were.

if u are a girl just wear a poodle skirt, a white shirt, wayfarer sunglasses, and ur good to go!

GET ENOUGH MONEY, THEN BUY IT. JEZUZ. Jk. Get enough Tix/Robux and buy the sunglasses.

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