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Don't see many catalog named shotguns, but keep watching the online auction sites like If you will settle for "similar" look for the names Stevens, Riverside, and Springfield. Most of the Montgomery Ward doubles were some version of the Stevens 311.

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โˆ™ 2004-01-12 15:40:52
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Q: Where can you buy a Montgomery Ward shotgun?
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What is the value of a Montgomery Ward Western Field 16GA 550B Shotgun?

The Montgomery Ward Western Field 16 gauge 550b shotgun is valued at $200 in excellent condition. Fair condition value is $75.

How can you be certain that a 410 Montgomery Ward Hercules breakopen shotgun with no serial number was manufactured by Savage?

It was made by Iver Johnson after their Champion Model for Montgomery Ward

What is the value of a 1928 Hercules 12 ga Montgomery ward shotgun?


Where can you get parts for your Montgomery ward western field pump action shotgun model m550?

who made montgomery wards bolt action 20 ga shotgun with a clip.

What is the value of a 16 gauge Montgomery Ward SB30A pump shotgun?


Where can you find information on a Lakeside shotgun?

Manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms, sold by Montgomery Ward.

Who made the Western Field Model 30 20 gauge pump Shotgun?

montgomery ward

When was the Western Field Montgomery Ward M55ocd shotgun made and what is its value?

The Western Field model 550C was manufactured by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards.

What is a westfield ward 12 gauge shotgun?

It is a shotgun manufactured by the Remington Co. for Montgomery Ward's between 1957 and 1959. About 1200 were made.

What is the history of the Montgomerey Ward Hercules shotgun?

Also made by H & R.Made for Montgomery Ward stores by Iver Johnson and J. Stevens

Montgomery ward shotgun western field SB-100B. What is the value?

$50 in good condition

Who made westernfield model 565 shot gun for Montgomery ward?

Noble Arms made it for Montgomery Wards cross reference is Noble 60-66 shotgun

What is the age of a WesternField 410 shotgun pump M550ed Montgomery Ward?

No published sn data. 50's or so

What is the first name of Montgomery Ward?

Aaron Montgomery Ward is his full name.

What is Montgomery Ward guitar?

A guitar sold through the previousy department store, Montgomery ward.

When was John Montgomery Ward born?

John Montgomery Ward was born on March 3, 1860.

When was Aaron Montgomery Ward born?

Aaron Montgomery Ward was born on February 17, 1844.

When was Montgomery Ward Company Complex created?

Montgomery Ward Company Complex was created in 1908.

When did Aaron Montgomery Ward die?

Aaron Montgomery Ward died on 1913-12-07.

What is the value of a 12 gauge single shot Texas Ranger shotgun sold by Montgomery Ward?

Less than $100.

What is a Montgomery Ward antique ice box worth?

what is an montgomery ward ice box number 68

What is the value of a Montgomery ward hawthorne viking 458 pump shotgun?

75 - 100 bucks i have the same one ... good luck finding parts

Who made the 16 gauge Montgomery Ward side lock side-by-side double barrel shotgun serial 61551?

Firearms were made for Montgomery Ward by several makers. The serial number does not help, but any model numbers on the shotgun will. Most likely candidate is Stevens, but Savage and Mossberg also made guns marked with the Western Field label,

When were Montgomery Ward shotguns Made?

Montgomery Ward did not make firearms. They contracted with makers and had their store brand put on them.

When did John Montgomery Ward die?

John Montgomery Ward died on March 4, 1925 at the age of 65.