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Where can you buy a Western Arms 12 gauge shotgun?

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There are currently (12-29-07) several western arms Ithaca 12 ga. shotguns listed on Gunbroker. The price ranges are $895 - $925. My grandfather left me his when he passed. It was made in 1936 and is still to this day the best shooting shotgun I own.

2011-09-14 11:08:49
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The Springfield shotgun made by "Savage Arms" company of Westfield Mass. the Model 67F is a slide action (pump) gun it came in several sizes 410, 16, 12 gauge ect. I purchased mine in about 1963 "new" in 410 gauge chambered with 3" shells On one jsut sold for $250.00. I've seen them for sale up to $275.00 For more information check up Savage Arms Corporation