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Any furniture or bed store, or, possibly on line.

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The problem is that the Olympic Queen Size (which is 6" wider than a regular Queen and therefore a much more comfortable for two and not as huge as a King at 72"wide) has been discontinued over the last 3 or 4 years.

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Olympic queen mattresses are slightly larger than a regular queen mattress, but smaller than a king sized mattress. Olympic queen mattresses are six inches wider than regular queen mattresses.

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Most queen sized beds will fit an Olympic queen mattress set. You can purchase a bed for this mattress set at Ashley Furniture. Ashley sells many nice bed frames at a reasonable price.

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Online retailers such as Bed and Bath linens, Overstock, Precious Bedding and Soft linens sell Olympic queen sheets. They can also be found online at the Olympic queen sheets site.

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Q: Where can you buy a bed foryour Olympic Queen mattress set?
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Dimensions of a queen sofa bed?

The mattress will be 60 inches (same width as queen bed mattress) by 72inches (8 inches shorter than queen bed mattress).

Split queen mattress?

A split queen mattress is not as common as a split king sized mattress. A box spring for a queen bed can be purchased when the area for the bed is unreachable by the queen box spring in its original size.

Will an olympic size mattress fit or work on a queen size pragma frame?

A Regular Queen size bed measures 60" x 80" An Olympic Queen size bed measures 66" x 80" Depending on your headboard frame, you would have an overlap because of the extra six inches in width. If you put the mattress on a pedestal, with the headboard behind it, the look would be iffy.

What size mattress for a 50 inch bed?


Will a queen mattress fit on a queen platform bed with at least a foot of space?

no it will not only this would with a king bed :)

Can you use queen bed frame for CA king mattress?


Will a twin size mattress fit a queen bed frame?

No. Two twin size mattress will fit a king size bed frame.

What is mattress size for king mattress?

King Size mattress would be 76*80 inches and sometimes would vary according to the manufacturer. The length of the king size bed is the same as queen size bed, but king size bed is 16 inches wider than queen size bed. It is great to have a king size bed if you have kids or pets.

What size rug fits under a queen size mattress?

a queen mattress is 60" wide by 80" long. you have to take into consideration the size of bed if not using bed and only metal frame then that's the dimensions

What is the average weight of a queen size bed?

Average queen mattress is between 90 & 110 lbs

What should you do if your queen mattress in smaller than your bed frame?

change both of them

Will a queen size mattress fit on a full size bed frame?

it depends if your mattress is a bit big, but most likely not