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Q: Where can you buy a stripper pole for your house?
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What can you buy for 4000?

a stripper

How do you get metal pole in SIM castaway ds?

Your sim has to get the stripper profession.

Who is brian giles current wife?

Melanie a pole dancer stripper!

What Lady Gaga's last job before a singer?

pole dancer/stripper

What is a shake artist?

A Shake artist can be many things such as a stripper, pole dancer, club girl, hooker, ect.

Do you have to be 18 to take pole dancing lessons?

yes, because it BEGAN as stripper dancing and is considered overtly sexual.

Where has lee evans performed?

in ben francis's mums house as a stripper

Who was Jane Addams opponent?

The Stripper in the white house.

How do you become a striper?

How you become a stripper is you need to be sexy and hot. You need to be able to pole dance and do stuff for men/women

Can you give me an example of a sentence using poll and pole?

She made a poll to see who the customers thought could stay up the longest on the stripper pole without putting a hand or foot on the floor.

Who is Pete Moss?


How much money dancing poles cost?

depending on how you want your pole. if you buy a cheep pole it will be kind off fragile. if you buy an expensive pole, the pole will be stronger and better.