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No, the DS Action Replay is for Nintendo DS games. If you want to use an Action Replay for Game Boy Advance games, you have to buy an Action Replay that's used for Game Boy Advance games.

Answerno, not unless you have action replay max

You can't do it, you should just email datel or a supplier of action replay on ebay.

You aren't able to save game files to a action replay, gameshark,etc.

No Use on Gameboy Advance Unless... Action Replay and Action Replay Max cannot be used on a Gameboy Advance unless you buy or find an action replay for the GBA. It will work for GBA, GBASP, DS, and DS Lite.

i think you use an action replay.

lol action replay can work on any game boy advance ds game just buy the cord and download the codes

Game boy doesn't have anything like game shark or action replay. That was back when players didn't always cheat to win games.

you can get one off Ebay or overseas from Australia

no you can only use that stupid action replay codes of yours in VISUAL BOY ADVANCE!!!!! you are such a DULL you know stupid

Yes you can, it will function just the same as if you'd inserted it into a regular GBA.

It depends on the type of action replay it is, if it is a Nintendo DS than no it will not.

You can't it was only made for the DS. Sorry.

no you need the original action replay for game boy color no you need the original action replay for game boy color

The ds action reply is around 20 dollars. And so is the gameboy advance one.

u have to buy gameshark or action replay (max)

I would say like around 20 bucks

action replay n transfer it to your game boy advance game to pla park n catch it

No, the action replay DS only works on DS games, hence the word "DS" at the end.

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