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Where can you buy an h20 just add water mermaid tail?


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you cant they are specially designed for those girls only

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If you mean the tail you cant they actually have to wear mermaid tail tubes

You can't. The dress up people on H2o:just add water made them. The only mermaid tail you can get is from a costume shop- good luck finding one.

Yes, her tail and top is brown instead of orange.

Yes Charlotte does turn into a mermaid in h2o but loses her tail and powers in the final episode of h2o just add water season 2

Aquatails is a place you might want to try.

Yes Cleo Sertori is a mermaid in H20 Just Add Water

You can buy beautiful mermaid tails from several online companies. I got my tail and my daughter's tail at the website for Aquatails. They make lovely tails, have lots of styles and colors to choose from, and they are good quality. "Never give up on your dreams."

H20 Just add water was a mermaid TV show in 2007 in Nickelodeon

In the show H2o: just add water, the scales used on the mermaid tails are vacuum formed plastic scales. There are over 5,000 plastic scales on each tail.

the best mermaid movie i have seen is probaly H20 just add water or the little mermaid: ariels begining

The Little Mermaid, Aquamarine, and Splash to name a few aquamarine,mermaids and the little mermaid and there is also a h2o just add water movie and there is also they series h2o just add water

they made it out of rubber so they made it kind of tight and loose sometimes and the tail they used real scales and painted it

After she dicovered her grand mother was a mermaid she went into the moon pool on a full moon and became a mermaid

well there is fishtails,mermaids,splash,aquamarine,and the little mermaid and there a some tv series about mermaids mermaid melody,and h2o just add water.

I don't think so because I was looking online for one it said you can only get it in one place but it is very imspinsive.

Emma moves and Bella comes.Bella becomes a mermaid

I don't think it is possible to turn into a mermaid, sorry.

No it's make up and a costume I love H20

H2O Just Add Water - 2006 A Twist in the Tail 1-26 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Bella was in the Caves of Ireland on a full moon when she was nine. There was a moon pool and she swam in it, therefore turning into a mermaid

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