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Q: Where can you buy cheap credits on imvu by using your phone?
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How do you buy credits on imvu?

You can do it a lot of ways. Through the IMVU site, which I don't suggest. IMVULOVE, Lisnevash, imvux, and other imvu credit sites cost less. You can also buy IMVU credits via phone. You go to the IMVU site, go to credits, then buy credits, then somewhere there it should say mobile credits. You pick your country, then you put in your cell phone number, and it sends a text message to your phone with a verification number, then you enter the verification number and it'll do the transaction.

How do you buy imvu credits for your friend with your phone?

It is not possible on IMVU. By registered IMVU reseller XKZ Credits you can always buy cIMVU redits for yourself or your friends, just fill in the friend avatar name and make the mobile payment, credits will be send instant.

How do you get 6000 imvu credits signing up?

i want 6000 imvu credits . xd

Can you transfer Wee World and IMVU credits?

I dont think so sorry. But you can with MyYearBook credits with Imvu credits :)

How do you get imvu credits free?

By logging in everyday to get your promotional credits, and by completing surveys and watching videos partnered with IMVU.

How do you earn 1000000 imvu?

there no such thing about getting the amount of credits there no cheat codes or anything that just lies what is true there cheap websites to buy credits

Is there cheats to get credits on imvu?

Nope. There are NO cheats on IMVU. :)

What are credits on IMVU?

On IMVU, credits are money, dollars. With credits, you can buy clothing and stuff. IMVU cards are avliable at many stores, and you are able to get 25,000 credits from a card at the store that costs $25.00.

What are some cheats on how to get free imvu credits?

Sorry, but there is no such thing as cheating on IMVU to get free credits.

What is an easy way to earn IMVU credits?

The only way i know of is playing with pets and doing surveys I managed to get a good amount of free imvu credits from this website:

What is the cheat code for credits on imvu?

There is no such thing as a cheat code for credits on imvu.

How do you get more promo credits on imvu?

chick on earn credits

When buying ap on imvu do you get credits with it?

yes you do, you get 2,000 credits

What is the password to imvu credits hack 2013 rar?


Are cheats real for free credits on IMVU?

nope there are no cheats for imvu.

Can you get IMVU credits for talking to people?


Is IMVU free?

Yes. Upon joining, you will receive 1000 promotional credits that you could use to buy your avatar some clothing. If you want to buy imvu credits, I would recommend finding a reseller, they are approved by imvu and sell credits at half the price that imvu does. E.g.Evil credits, DevCredits or cassiopeian

Where can you buy cheap imvu credits?

Hey There! These Credits are CHEAP. About 33 U.S. dollars for 100,000 credits! **Read the reviews. They are legit! They appear legit too. You can attend a live chat for more info and they advise that you do so after you purchase your credits. Good Luck!

If your new to imvu how come it wont let you send a gift?

I'm guessing the credits you are using are actually "predits"Try buying real credits.

How many IMVU credits to a dollar?

100 credits to 1 dollar

How do you change coins back into credits on imvu?

There's no such thing as coins in imvu

How do you make credits on imvu?

There are several ways to get IMVU Credits by:Buying themCompleting surveysPurchasing offersCompleting free offersCompleting mobile offersAnd if you complete 10 free offers off this link, you get 1 million IMVU credits!

Can you transfer credits to metarl from imvu?

you cant

What are promo credits on imvu?

magical unicorns

Do you get credits on imvu for having chats?