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I'm very very pale and every foundation is too pale EXEPT Covergirl Trueblend in Ivory cuz its so easy to apply and its the perfect shade! also mac photofinish has a perfect porcelian shade <3


Many cosmetic companies make foundation for very light skin. One I really like is by Shiseido. However, you can play up your skin tone by not wearing foundation, but wearing black mascara with pink eyeshadow and a light transparent lipgloss. Another way to accent your pale skin is to wear concealer just where you need it and avoid the foundation all together, or go with a tinted moisturizer like Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer or DuWop's Revolotion. Both are available on the internet. However, if you have an unusually pale skin tone, it might help you to go to your local Sephora store and test shades on your jawline- not on your hand- until you find the right one.

And any dug store has very pale/light foundation.



Finding the right foundation for pale skin is a bit difficult task. Many cosmetic companies make foundation for pale skin. There are few things to be considered while buying any foundation and the one which suits your skin is top of the list.

I personally choose Loose Powder Foundation by Lauren Hutton. It is a lovely foundation for women like me who want a more natural look. I love this stuff. It disappears into your skin, makes skin beautiful and pretty.


I personally am very pale, and I like Maybelline Pure Satin Liquid, which smooths out your face and gives a 100% poreless look.

Whichever you choose most makeup companies have shades for lighter skin.


Try using barry m foundation :)

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Q: Where can you buy foundation for very pale skin?
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What's the best way to find the right shade foundation for my skin tone?

The best way to find the right shade of foundation for your skin tone is to buy a sample product if it is offered. Most companies now offer samples, so you can test out the various shades before you buy the full size product. Once you have the sample, the best place to try the shade is on your face. That is because, that is where you will be applying the foundation when you buy it.

You have two tone skin on your face how could you make up?

Well, this is where foundation comes in!! the purpose of foundation is to even out your face so that all areas have the same skin tone. in the question you said that you have 2 toned skin, well choose one of the shades (your skin tone) and buy a foundation from drug stores or a cosmetic shop that matches your shade, but remember-if your neck isn't the same shade as your chosen skin tone, blend some onto the neck!

Should you use foundation does it work?

It depends what brand or what kind you use. Cheap ones do the job alright, but they don't give you a nice complexion and they just leave you with a flat, dull colour. More expensive ones make your skin a bit more glowing and the colour looks more dewy and natural.There are about 2 main types of foundation, and I'll tell you what they do, and if they work.Powder - Powder foundation is good for hot weather, because it absorbs sweat and stays on your face. It also gives you a powdery complexion. It depends what colour you buy, if your pale, your skin looks really good with powder foundation, because of it's texture. But, if your tanned, I wouldn't advise powder foundation because it just dosen't look as good because you can't see the powdery-ness of it as well. I would say you should use it because it is a cheaper way to do things and it leaves your skin looking nice. I wouldn't say it has very good coverage for spots and dark spots though.Liquid - Liquid foundation is good for cold weather, because in heat it melts with your sweat and dosen't last very long. It gives very good coverage and it is good for pale and tanned people. It leaves your skin looking dewy, and glowing which is a good thing.All in all, I think you should use foundation if you have spots! If not, then there's not really any point. However, if you don't want to cake yourself in make-up, but you have spots you could always buy concealer. Which is the same thing, but more portable and light.If you are going to buy a foundation, always buy EXACTLY your colour, or if they don't have your colour, but lighter than darker. Because if your not the dark colour, you go orange, which I'm sure you don't want.Hope this helps. I typed this by hand, from own knowledge. :)

How do you look and act like Bella Cullen?

Well,, If your lucky like me and are already really pale then leave your skin at that, if not then buy a pale foundation or something, she has deep set eyes so she doesnt need make up this applys for me again. She is very clumsy so if you are clumsy you can be like her too.To really look like Bella Cullen, you can get vampire contact lenses also. See some here: I meant as a vampire. Notice the 'Cullen' part.

How can you make your skin more fairer?

Wear sunscreen, especially on your face. The higher the SPF, the better. Also, you can buy foundation that is one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

Can you use face primer without foundation?

Yes. You could totally just buy a pinkish one. And that reduces redness and evens out your skin tone.

Why are some foundation makeups orange?

Some foundation makeup look orange because it is the wrong color for your skin type. They make many shades and different types for woman of all races. Try to buy a few different ones next time and see which one blends better with your skin tone.

What are some organic skin care brands?

If you are wondering what are some organic skin care brands you can buy because you have very sensitive and damaged skin, then you should try Olay skin care.

Can you make your own foundation brush if you can how can i make it?

buy a foundation brush and put your name on it :)

Where to buy liquid foundation online?

One of the most popular cosmetic sites to buy liquid foundation is offers a huge variety of liquid foundation from many popular brands such as Bobby Brown.

Is foundation bad for your skin?

If you wear foundation it blocks your paws up in your skin therefore you will get spots. Some people get spots very easily whereas other people do not get them so much. If you have wore foundation in the day you should wash it off at night with makeup remover wipes or soap.How to have healthy skin and prevent spots:Wash your face at least 2 times a day.Buy spot cream from either a chemist or a super market.To keep your skin hydrated and nice looking you should plenty of water.Note: If you are stressed you will get spots quite easily.

How should you dye your hair if you have a pale skin tone and purplebrownish hair?

I have ultra pale skin too. My hair style is mostly brown with tons and tons of blonde highlights that are very blended in, not thick strands like most highlights. If you have pale skin, I think blonde highlights are good because they help frame your face and don't make you look even lighter because of the dark hair right next to light skin. They can also make you look a little more sunny because of it. Definitely something to try out! (: Also.. If your unsure, I would buy box color of temporary blonde highlights and see how highlights look on you. I think temporary color washes out after a few days, but I'm not certain so I would be aware of that and check the box.

What is the best procedure for evening skin tone in black women?

Buy a foundation, concealer and powder that matches your skin tone. This will even out your skin tone temporarily. If you're looking for permanent results, there are some products out there that might help do that. Hope this helps! -Beepbubby10

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What do you look for in skin cream?

It depends what you need it for such as wrinkles or eye wrinkle or oilt skin......I recomond olay because it is a very good brand for a great price and you can buy it at costco..

I am a competition dancer so I am on stage a lot. I need a drug store foundation that can stand up to bright lights and sweating. I have dry skin. So if you have any foundation recommendations and tip?

No such foundation exists - drug store foundations are not made for what you want to do with them. You need real stage foundation - Mehron, Kryolan and Ben Nye are three popular brands - and you should go to a store that sells these lines to buy it so you get the right shade.

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The best way to treat dry skin is to moisten it daily. Keeping dry skin moist will allow it to become soft and smooth. Lotion with aloe Vera is very good in treating this condition.

Where to buy exuviance skin caring foundation?

Achieve natural, light-diffusing coverage and build skin health with this gentle moisturizing treatment foundation. Formulated to visibly reduce the signs of aging while providing all-day coverage, treatment and protection. Contains the antioxidant benefits of a Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA), along with Vitamin E, and broad-spectrum sun protection (SPF 15). Oil free, non-comedogenic / acnegenic. For all skin types.

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