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One can purchase a lifted Jeep at a local car dealer or at a vehicle store. Vehicles are also available for purchase online, such as on eBay, where a Wrangler Jeep is offered for sale. The price can be arranged, as the buyer can offer a deal price for the buyer to accept or decline. There are also auctions for the Jeep.

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Where can you buy 20000 Jeeps?

Your local Jeep dealer may be able to help you with that. 20,000 Jeeps is a lot of Jeeps so they may not all be delivered at the same time.

Where can you buy used Jeeps for sale?

Where you can buy used jeeps for sale depend on where you are located. You can buy a used jeep online if you are comfortable with that. OR you can buy one from a used car lot, or an indepent owner selling their jeep. To find a used car lot go on the internet, and type in used jeeps for sale near "your zip code".

Is it better to buy a lifted truck or lift it yourself?

Personally, I would buy one that is lifted or have it professionally done. If you buy one already lifted, you don't run any risk of messing up your truck.

Where can I buy some good used Jeeps?

You can search on craigslist for some jeep listing. You can also go to the jeep dealership for used jeeps specifically. Carmax is also a used car dealership that might have many used jeeps.

Who is the patron saint of Jeeps?

There is no patron saint of Jeeps.

When was Dickie Jeeps born?

Dickie Jeeps was born in 1931.

Why are the jeeps called jeeps?

In the military they were called a JP. Many people called them Jeeps for short. Thus the name was born.

Are Jeeps better than Hondas?

Definatley Jeeps are better. More reliable. More Room. Looks better. More history. What more do you need. The 4x4 systems in Jeeps are better than that of a Honda and the metal on Jeeps is way safer.

Are Jeeps reliable vehicles?

Yes, Jeeps are reliable vehicles but it really depends on how you take care of them.

When did jeeps become popular?

Jeeps were heavily used by the military in WW2 and Korea, their popularity sprang from there.

How many jeeps in US?

I would like to know, approximately, how many registered jeeps are on the roads in the u.s.a.

Will 1995 jeep rims fit a 2002 jeep?

Depends on what kind of Jeeps they are. There are multiple models of Jeeps.

How do you make your kingpin on a skateboard shorter?

Buy higher/lifted trucks. Independents have a great selection

What line of jeeps came after the willy jeeps?

Willys was sold to Kaiser Motors in 1953 and they stated building the Jeep.

Why did Chrysler order a recall on Jeeps?

Chrysler ordered a recall on Jeeps because of safety issues related to the large amount of deadly fires after rear-end crashes. The recall involved 1.5 million Jeeps.

Where can I find a used Jeep?

You can buy a jeep from a used car dealership. There are even dealers that only sell Jeeps. Craigslist is a great place to check if you want to buy from a private owner instead of a dealership.

Can you legally buy gold in the us?

yes, THE PROHIBITION was on holding gold US coinage and that has been lifted

What does it mean when a truck is lifted?

When one adds a suspension kit and larger sized tires to a truck it becomes "lifted". One must buy a lift kit which has everything the person needs to "lift" their truck. The term "lifted truck" generally means a truck that is higher up from the ground.

Which is the only country where Jeeps are manufactured?

Jeeps are built in many countries. There are factories in the USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Italy, and Brazil.

How has the use of camels as beasts of burden been affected by Jeeps?

camels have been outmodled because jeeps are faster and carry heavier loads

Is lifted a verb?

Yes, lifted is a verb.

What type of transmission fluid do you use in a manual ax5 transmission?

The AX5 used in Jeeps calls for 80w90 gear oil.The AX5 used in Jeeps calls for 80w90 gear oil.

Do they drive in jeeps?

To make them go, you have to drive them.

What is the jeeps slogan?

I Live. I Drive. I Am. Jeep

What type of things are discussed on the Jeep forum?

The things that are discussed on the Jeep forum is what kind of Jeeps are made. Where they are made and what they have on them. They talk about the prices and the colors of the Jeeps.

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