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Office Depot, Office Max, and Best Buy all sell new hard disc drives. Most computer stores do, also. Online, there are numerous retailers selling them.

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Where can one buy a 24 Sata hard drive?

24 bay SATA storage server hard drives can be bought on eBay. The online company Servercase also has new 24 SATA hard drives as does Thinkmate, at a considerably greater cost.

Do new hard drives typically attach to the motherboard via an IDE connector?

No, most new hard drives use Serial ATA or SATA connectors.

Buy Extra Hard Drives With Cameras?

When you buy new cameras, it may be wise to purchase external hard drives as well. After all, you are going to want to take a lot of photographs with these cameras, and you are going to want to store them on your computer. If you put too many large photos on your normal hard drive, the computer will slow down tremendously. You need to store them on external drives to keep the computer working.

What are the top four brands of 1 TB hard drives?

The top four brands of 1TB Hard Drives are amongst others Western Digital hard drives, Seagate hard drives, Toshiba hard drives, and Hitachi hard drives.

How do you make neodymium magnets?

you cant buy, you can find them in old hard drives.

How can you transfer the hard drive from your external hard drive to your computer?

Hard drives in external disk drives are simply standard drives so it is possible to unscew them and put them in a pc. However it would be easier to buy a standard internal drive and copy the data across

How are hard drives indentified?

How are Hard drives indentified and what are their functions

Where can I buy a new Xbox 360 hard drive?

GameStop is a pretty good place for video games. If you have a local GameStop, then stop by and ask them if they have hard drives. if not, then you can try Wal-Mart, BestBuy, and etc.

I want to buy an external memory for laptop?

You can get external hard drives at Best Buy or Fry's or other electronics stores.

Are all laptops equipped with 2.5 hard drives?

Mac laptops may likely have solid state drives (not hard drives). Those drives are 2.5" form factor and can be replaced by hard drives.

Cheapest Xbox 360 harddrive?

Look on amazon they have great deals and also you dont have to buy actual 360 hard drives just buy a flash drive or external hard drive and plug it in through the USB. There are ways to use internal hard drives but that's a little tricky

What are the different types of drives?

There are tons of kinds of drives. Floppy Disk Drives, CD-ROM drives, PATA Hard drives, zip drives, flash drives, DVD drives, SATA hard drives.... The list could go on and on and on...

How long do hard drives last?

Hard drives last for many years

What is the difference between SATA hard drives and IDE hard drives?

IDE is a older and slower....SATA is a newer and faster format for hard drives...

What do external computer hard drives cost?

External computer hard drives can range in price from as little as $70 at Walmart or Best Buy, to more than $1600 at higher end electronics or computer stores.

Where can one purchase Xbox hard drives?

X-Box hard drives are available from a number of online and physical stores. Popular places to purchase a hard-drive are Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop, Amazon, and from the X-Box website itself.

If i return a xbox 360 to best buy can i swap hard drives?

I returned one months agom and I got to keep my hard drive.

Where can you buy IDE hard driveS?

The integral digital electronics (IDE) hard driver device is the most popular way to connect to the computer. It can be purchased through Amazon or Best Buy.

Are there any aftermarket fans for cooling hard drives?

Yes, you can also buy water cooling systems.

What is the correct pronoun-antecedent agreement when a driver wants to buy a new vehicle he or she test drives it Or them?

It should be "When a driver wants to buy a new vehicle, he or she usually test drives it". The "it" is referring to the single noun "vehicle".

How Many Types Of Hard Disk drives Are There?

how many types hard disk drives

Can I install multiple Hard Drives in my CPU?

Yes, you can install multiple hard drives in your computer. If you have multiple internal bays then you can install drives inside the case. If not, you can buy external Firewire and USB drives that attach to the ports on the back of your computer. If you are unfamiliar with opening your computer, then choosing an external solution is the easiest and beth method.

What do hard drives do?

They store digital information in a relativly permenent form. Some hard drives called 'Hard Disc Drives' store data magnetically on a metal disc. Newer hard drives called 'Solid State Drives' store data electronically on flash memory.

Are there different types of hard drives for desktops and laptops?

Laptops use 2.5 inch hard drives, while desktops use 3.5 inch hard drives.

Is the capacity for all hard disk 2.5GB?

The first hard drives were only a couple of megabytes, while modern hard drives are 3TB and beyond. As technology progresses, hard drives will likely continue to increase in capacity. Therefore, not all hard drives are 2.5GB in size.