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Try gun shops, gun shows, on line auctions.

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Q: Where can you buy off-set mounts and or scope rings for a 1970 model 94 30-30?
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What kind of scope rings do you need for a Glenfield model 25?

Just today I put weaver rings on mine. They have a 3/8 dovetail base and 1" scope rings. I had short 1" rings but I could not remove my bolt for cleaning. The rings I replaced the rings with the above mentioned. 3/8 dovetail mount 1" rings fro scope mounting see thru mounts for use of iron sights And the most important part of all is the 7/8 rise of the new mounts.

What company makes 1 inch scope rings to fit a model 780 marlin 22 rifle the mounts are built into the rifle?

Contact Marlin

What scope and mounts can be purchased for a 22 caliber Glenfield Model 75 bolt action that has not been drilled or tapped?

These guns were never drilled/tapped for scope mounts. Like most inexpensive .22 rifles, the top of the receiver is grooved for tip-off mounts. The mounts and rings are typically one piece, and sold virtually everywhere - even WalMart.

What scope mounts work on a Model 1903 30-06?


Will the savage 110 E use the same type of scope mounts as a savage 110 with an accutrigger?

Yes I believe that the Savage model 110E and the regular model 110 will share the same scope Mounts.

Where can you find scope mounts to fit a US model 1917 Eddystone?

S & K Scope Mounts in western PA makes one for the Eddystone Look under "Insta Mounts"

Where can one purchase rifle scope mounts?

One can purchase rifle scope mounts from websites like Optics Planet, Cabelas, Amazon, Scope Mounts, Airgun Depot, eBay, Talley Manufacturing and Jmecks Scope Mounts.

Owners manual for Biakal Model IZH18MN Rifle?

what type of scope mounts do I need

What do you need to install a paintball scope on your MR1 Paintball gun?

Since it has weaver rails, all you need are Weaver scope rings. An offset mount will help too.

What scope base mounts will fit a J C Higgins Model 60 12 ga?

Your shotgun was manufactured by Hi Standard as their Supermatic model C1200, no later than the early 1980's. Suitable scope base mounts will be difficult to find.

Can a scope go on a jt stealth paintball gun?

Yes, scope mounts will work on the top rail, if they are tall enough to put the scope out of reach of the cocking pin and hopper mount,and on the side rails, although they are plastic. Offset mounts and risers can also be used on the top rail. They all have to be 3/8 dovetail mounts (standard for air guns) like the ones for Tippman A5 and 98c.

What scope mount will fit your savage 24v 222 over 20ga?

Just about any rings and mounts made by Weaver will fit nicely. Using lesser quality rings will cause the scope to go out of adjustment when the shotgun is fired.

What year is a 5mm Sheridan 20 caliber SN 302702340. Trying to get mounts for scope?

I have two answers for you. Crosman air gun owns both Benjamin and Sheridan air guns. See the link below for the date of manufacture. ( not all dates are there) See the second link for the scope mounts. Hint: you may find that the scope is too far forward when you mount it because the loading port is in the way of the mount. I placed both mounts on the front tube of the scope so I could get it back far enough for my eye relief. Both rings are on the mounts in front of the loading port so the scope extends back over the loading port. Both scope rings are attached to the front tube of the scope.

What scope and mounts to mount on Brno model B 22 lr rifle?

You need to talk to a gunsmith.

Where can you find a scope mount for a Stevens model 87a?

Scope mounts that mount on the left side of the receiver using the four screw holes are available from Weaver.

What scope mounts and scope rings do you need to mount a bushnell banner scope on a savage 110 7mm rem mag?

you need a rail for a LA 110. Midways got it. You need to know if you have a real flat reciever or round.

What kind of scope mounts do you need for a win model 190?

It looks like any mount that will clamp to the top rail is good. No gunsmithing is necessary to mount a scope.

Is your Remington model 7400 3006 any good seems to keep throing my scope off?

All rifles or reasonable caliber are going to have recoil, I would look at your mounts or scope. tighten up your scope rail

For what are the scope rings used?

Scope rings are used in mounting scopes on guns and rifles. Scope rings can be purchased from several retailers as well as on several online websites.

If I have a Savage Axis 308 and a Nikon Pro staff scope what kind of rings should I use to mount it?

Assuming that your scope is a 3x9x40 scope,then medium height rings will do the job.If it is a 3x9x50mm scope,then you will need a set of high scope rings.

Have a Bushnell 3-9x56E Scope what do you need to mount on a Smith And Wesson 1500 270 bolt rifle?

Should serve you well. You will need mounts and rings.

Where can you find scope mounts for your 30-30 Revelation Model 225 bolt action rifle?

Gun shows, gun shop

What scope fits western field M822 22mag WMR?

Your western field 822 was made by mossberg firearms company.the model is mossberg model 640K.I would start by cross reference the scope mounts for the mossberg 640K.Good luck!

What kind of scope rings do you need to mount a scope on a model 512 slugmaster bolt action shotgun you have the side plate?

Hello: Weaver offers a scope base for the Marlin Model 512 Slugmaster, contact Weaver for a complete package. Thanks side scope mount (Weaver 10M)

What kind of scope can you mount on a winchester 30 30 model 94?

Typically, a 2.5 to 4 power scope. You may need an offset mount, since the 94 ejects through the top.