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Try eBay or call the Springfield company, itself. Ask around at local gun shops. Contact gun clubs or the National Rifle Association. Good luck.

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Q: Where can you buy parts for a Springfield model 15 .22 rifle?
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Where do you go to buy parts for 22 model 597 rifle?

Gun shop.

Where can you buy parts for your Springfield 20 gauge model 238A shot gun?

Try Brownells or Numrich Gun Parts online.

Where can you buy parts for a Sears model 101 2830 .22 rifle?

Basically a Savage Model 63 single-shot bolt action .22. I have some parts for that model.

Where can you buy parts for Remington model 34 22 cal bolt action rifle?

Website for gunpartscorp

Where can you buy a firing pin for a Springfield Arms Company Model 53A .22 single shot bolt action rifle?

We make them, new.

Where can I buy a 22cal long rifle ammo clip for model 69 winchester rifle?

Try Numrich Gun Parts Corp.They may be found on the web.

Where can you buy a clip and a bolt for a JC Higgins Model 42 rifle?

numrich arms gun parts corp

Where can you buy parts for a Springfield - J Stevens model 86 22 cal?

What parts do you need? My grandfather past a few years ago and I inherited the barrel and bolt action.

Where do you buy a magazine clip for a savage model 4 bolt action rifle?

Numrich Gun Parts. and Posibly Midway USA

Springfield Bolt Action 22 Model 84C can I put a scope on this gun?

I have Springfield .22 long rifle, 5 shot magzaine, 24 inch-barrel and I want to install side mount for a Weaver scope. Where can I buy one. Truly, Bart

Can you buy parts for a Stevens 22 cal rifle model 43?

Yes, if they are available and you are not violating any laws. Try

Where to buy parts for a HR model 765 pioneer 22 cal rifle?

Try gun shops, gun shows,, want ads.

Where can you buy parts for a 22 caliber JC Higgins Model 31 rifle?

I also have a Jc Higgins Model 31, try That is where I geet all my parts. They seem to have a lot of parts, and they have always what I was looking for. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Where can you buy a springfield drill rifle?

How do i buy a rear sight for a Winchester model 270 pump22 rifle?

I would start my search at numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

What is the manufacture date of the springfield garand rifle serial number 2723427?

Buy the serial number you provided the year of manufacture of your springfield M-1 garand is 1944.

Where can you buy part where can I buy a stock for a Remington bolt 22 model 34 rifle?

Check with a gunsmith. My usual source of parts for obsolete rifles is sold out of stocks for a Model 34, but a smith may be able to locate one for you. That is a very old rifle, and new stocks are not available- and used ones are scarce.

Were can you buy a lee enfield rifle in Georgia?

if it is .303 there was one clip at a pawn shop several years ago in cummins ga springfield sporters is a good place on the web to find enfield parts

Where to buy parts for ted Williams mod 273 shotgun?

Where can i buy parts for a sears ted william 22 rifle

Need rifle clip for a Mossburg 22LR Model 44 US b?

You can buy parts for the 44us series at Havlin Sales

Where can you buy a trigger assembly for a 22 caliber Stevens Model 62 semi-automatic rifle?

Numrich Gun Parts Corp. Google Numrich Gun Parts. Very good to work with Jeff

Where can you buy parts for a JC Higgins model 103.18 22 cal rifle?

Some parts are available for this rifle. It is listed among the rifles on Numrich Gun Parts web site, although only the barrel is currently available. Searching smaller suppliers and gunsmiths for used parts may also yield results.

Where can you buy a clip for a Winchester Model 131 22 rifle?

Where can you buy a magazine for a Stevens model 62 22 rifle?


Were can you buy a 1903 Springfield Rifle?

If you look on Ebay or Amazon you can probably find one. If you live in Maine you can buy an "uncle henrys" and you might find one in there.