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You can buy it at a local pet store. I'm sure that they have regular and special food for your little puffer.

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Q: Where can you buy puffer fish food?
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What is daily life for a puffer fish?

puffer fish wake up hunt. Then eat the food. The puffer fish try not to get eaten. so if you like puffer fish or blow fish help them

Why do the Japanese eat puffer fish?

they eat puffer fish because it is a good food

What food chain is the puffer fish in?

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Is it illegal to buy the paralyzing agent of a puffer fish?


How does a puffer fish get food?

it swallows it and scares it till it is frozen

When do puffer fish start hunting food?

by pooping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do puffer fish consume their food?

they do it by making their own plants

What is the little blue penguins favorite food?

a puffer fish

Are there other animals in a puffer fish habitat?

Yes. Animal Plankton (very tiny orgaisms that swim through the water and is basically food for the puffer fish.)

How is a puffer fish adapted?

puffer fish are ugly

What is the popular food in Japan?

i don't know. Probably puffer fish

How a puffer fish gets its food?

Chris and frank siting in a tree