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If by "cash in" you mean convert to bills at face value, before I did that I would try to find out if anything in your collection is worth a premium. You'll need to look at a site such as to get an idea. If there's anything made of silver, for example, it'll be worth several times its face value so you wouldn't want to get 100 cents on the dollar from a bank. If you're referring to selling the coins for their metal or numismatic value, I'll have to defer to the other experts who are familiar with the Atlanta area.

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Q: Where can you cash in old coin currency in Atlanta?
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Where do you sell old currency?

Old paper and coin currency can be sold to currency dealers. Old currency can also be sold online on the website, Ebay.

What is the name for old coin collection?

Numismatics is the study or collection of currency.

Is the word cash a slang word?

Cash seems quite accepable eg can I pay by cash or by card? It is derived from the old word cache: a hoard of coin.

Where can you cash a 1953 silver certificate?

It will always be redeemable for face value at any bank, but taking old currency to a bank isn't generally a good idea. Depending on condition, it may have added numismatic value. Take it to a local coin shop for an appraisal. They will have books which rate and value currency.

What is a guinea?

A Guinea is a coin of the old pre-decimal British currency. It was worth approximately 21 shillings.

Where can you exchange paper Deutsch marks into dollars?

The official exchange of Deutsche marks has come to an end. However, you can still take your old German currency to the Bundesbank (Germany's Central Bank) and exchange it for euros. Most currency exchanges (banks, airport exchanges, etc.) will only buy currency that is still in general circulation. Specialized currency exchanges such as Euro Coin Exchange ( will buy your old marks, and you can get paid in dollars without having to ship your cash to Europe.

What does N5 on a coin mean?

Some countries will do this when demonetizing their old currency and moving on to the new - and the N preceding a number is particularly seen with the Neuvo ("new") Pesos of both Uruguay and Mexico in the 1980s. (Thus, 5N would be 5 Neuvo Pesos). When a country does this, the citizens will be given a period of time to cash their money in for the new currency, and after that time has expired, their "old" money no longer has spending value.

When did the Australian currency change from Pounds Shillings and Pence to Dollars and cents?

The old Australian pre-decimal currency, based on the British currency, changed over to decimal currency on the 14th of February, 1966. The old currency was subsequently withdrawn from circulation very quickly, and within as little as six months, it was quite unusual to see any examples of the old currency in circulation, although the odd coin turned up here and there for years.

What is a 1912 old Irish penny worth?

Such a coin does not exist. There was no Irish currency produced from about 1830 until 1927. The Irish used the British currency during this period. You may have a token.

Where can one find a coin price for old Argentinian pesos?

One can find a coin price for old Argentinian pesos at your local Cash4Gold store. A dedicated agent will be happy to buy your coins in exchange for cash.

What was the old currency of Germany?

the Deutsche Mark was the old currency.

What is an old Italian currency?

The old Papal currency was the SCUDO

What was the old currency of cyprus?

The old currency of Cyprus is the Cyprus Pound. The new currency is the Euro. :)

How much American cash is in one Shilling?

In the old British system of currency, a shilling was roughly equal to the American quarter, which is 25 cents.

How did Australia change to the decimal system?

Specially designed trucks and vans distributed decimal cash registers and cash / coinage across the country. Old Imperial money was changed into decimal currency as it was spent.

What is the currency of Cyprus before euro?

This was the Cyprus Pound and the Cyprus Cent. Cyprus adopted the Euro in 2006 and it's old currency is now no longer legal tender, of no worth to anybody except coin collectors.

How old is Atlanta?

Atlanta was founded in 1847.

What was the old British coin equivalent to Ten Pence?

At the conversion to Decimal Currency, the British Florin (2 Shillings) converted to 10 New pence.

What is a Punt coin Eire?

Éire is the Irish word for Ireland, and a Punt was an old currency of Ireland. prior to the euro.

HOW much in cash is two shillings?

24 pence. In pre-decimal currency in the UK it was 24 old pence. The equivalent today would be 10 pence.

What is an old French coin?

An old French coin is a coin that was used in France in the past.

What is an old French coin called?

Old French coins would be called Francs. now the currency of money there is called Eros, but very old French coins were called Francs. Singular is Franc. Plural is Francs.

How old is Atlanta GA?

Atlanta was founded in 1847.

How to convert shilling to UK pound?

There were twenty shillings in one pound with twelve pennies (old currency) in a shilling. After decimalisation the shilling became the 5p coin.

How many new pence in three old pence?

At Britains conversion to decimal currency in 1971, the Threepence had no equivalent coin but was equal to 1.25 New Pence.