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Most municipalities have some type of hazardous waste recycling facilities where you can dispose of old gasoline.

You could probably also take it to an auto mechanic. Depending on the amount, they may dispose of it for you for free.

Assuming you are talking about a small amount of fuel, you could put it in your vehicle's fuel tank. Just make sure the tank is at least 3/4 full when adding the old fuel. The small amount of old gas will mix with the newer gas in the car and won't hardly make a difference.

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How do you dispose of Old gas oil mix for the lawn mower?

I pour it in holes drilled in tree stump, to be burned.

Is gas in a gas can that is 3 months old safe to use in your lawn mower?

While the gas is considered "old", it will still work in your lawn mower. It is not recommended that you use old gas, however I prefer not to waste that liquid gold.

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How can I remove old grass?

You can remove old grass with lawn mower. A lawn mower is an important equipment to maintain the beauty of the lawn. The mower is mechanized with revolving blades to cut a lawn at an even length to make it good-looking. All that you need to do to operate this mower is to walk behind the mower and the trimming of grass is taken care by this equipment. Lawn movers assure productivity besides helping the operator to cut the grass irrespective of acres with ease.

What is the old name for grass cutter?

lawn mower

Is there a law about how old you have to be to use a lawn mower?

tell my

How do you dispose of old yeast?

is it o.k. to pour old dry yeast on lawn?

Is a zero turn mower the better of the lawn mowers?

In order to obtain and be the proud owner of the non-existent zero turn lawn mower one must first obtain a simple old plain lawn mower and modify it for optimal speed.

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How do you dispose of lawn mower batteries?

Most auto parts stores will accept your batteries. In fact, most of them charge you a core charge when you purchase a battery to make sure that you bring back the old one.

How old do you have to mow the lawn?

You can at any age, just as long as you can push the mower.

How do you find how old lawn mower is?

model type and code of the mower and from the engine. generally it is metal stamped on the engine and the unit model is near the rear of the mower.

Get More Use Out Of Push Lawn Mowers ?

If your push lawn mower is not working as well as it used to work, you might be thinking about replacing it. Before you purchase a new push lawn mower, check your current mower's blade. Over time, lawn mower blades grow dull and no longer cut grass as effectively. If you take your lawn mower blade to a hardware store that offers a blade sharpening service, you can usually get the blade resharpened for a small fee. With a newly sharpened blade, your old lawn mower could be working just like new.

What type of oil do I run in a lawn mower?

You may want to check your manual for your particular mower. I used 30 weight oil in my old mower circa 1978.

Why does your car sound like a lawn mower when you press the gas pedal?

Because your fan blade clutch is eather getting old or brand new. What kind of car is it?

How old is your snapper riding lawn mower model?

12 years M# 297707

How old do you have to be to drive a lawn mower?

10 and up Made by the contribution of the Florida Government™

How do you replace front wheel bearings on your L130 john deere lawn mower?

To replace the front wheel on your L130 John Deere lawn mower you need to first take out the old one. Place the jack under the front wheel frame of the lawn mower, then place the new bushings over the axle hole in the wheel.